Rate out of 10: 7 – Romes History is amazing. There are so many unique places to visit here. Food aint that great thow.  

Funniest /most memorable moment: Paying 10 euros for an icecream – oh and attending mass in the Vatican.


Rome is always somewhere id wished to visit.  I went with my friend Gursh who I met working at one of me jobs.

When we landed in Rome and got in a taxi…it was apparent that Taxi drivers in Rome don’t seem to take notice of the central reservation lines on motorways. They literally just drive in the middle of the road and was quite an experience!

We got into the centre of Rome and noticed straight away the Huge Coliseum. It looked great but ill comment more on that later. We arrived at hotel which was a short walk from the Coliseum and unpacked.

The first thing you notice when in Rome is that near enough every street has amazing architecture. There are so many old buildings here which look amazing.

There are so many attractions here so I thought it best I list them and write about my experience at all.

5D Rome ride – The Time Traveller

This is a ride we “found” when looking around.It’s a great way to start your trip. It’s one of those rides where you sit in and put ya 3D glasses on. Now being 5D this means you not only get 3D on screen, and not only do the seats move but you also get water etc sprayed on you. This ride takes you around the history of Rome, visiting each place. This was great as it shows you a few sites you may have not thought of to visit. It also gives you the history behind them!

Vatican City

This place is huge. It was great seeing where the Pope stood. We learnt how people still live amongst the City walls here. We noticed people cueing up outside the Church section. . So we decided to do it too. We were let in section by section and then all of a sudden greeted by lots of Guards. All of a sudden we were inside and instructed “NO PHOTOGRAPHS” are to be taken of the altar etc. One by one we noticed the guards letting some people up to the altar to Prey with the other Mass GOERS. Straight away I had to experience this… so I rushed to the front of the crowd of people and convinced the guard I wanted to prey and he let me threw. This was a great experience as I not only saw and attended a live mass in the Vatican City but also I believe the Pope was there??

Sistine Chapel

Actually didn’t realise this was a short walk from Vatican City. We only realised when we got on the bus home from the Vatican City and saw a sign stating Sistine chapel / Vatican City so we had to quickly get off the bus and walk back. This place is amazing. You first of all walk through corridors of famous paintings by the likes of Leonardo Divinchi and Michelangelo’s work. If I’m honest I mainly wanted to see the famous painting of Adam touching Gods hand (hand of God). After walking through lot of corridors of paintings and having pics taken..we finally made it to the main Chapel area. We knew this as there were guards everywhere and it was oh so quiet. I got in noticed the painting on the ceiling in the middle of the room looked up and there it was. Amazing to see that original piece. Problem with this place thow is that the guards hate you taking pictures so had to take a few sly ones hehe.


Walking up to this place was amazing. You notice it a mile away. You will notice lots of people dressed up as Romans on the outside so you can pay and have your photo taken with them – I decided I didn’t come all the way to Rome to have my pic taken with someone in a costume so eagley walked past them. . oh and also lots of people selling Coliseum ornaments etc. Once inside you can choose a guided tour or on your own. We opted on our own. Walking around you notice the stadium like structure. When you look into the middle of the stadium, you see how the wood which once was a floor has now eroded away revealing the chambers underneath where the Gladiators n slaves were kept. It’s quite eerie thinking that people were shoved down there and then had to wait until it was their turn to come up and kick some ass.  This place is a great place to see, to be fair couldn’t spend hours here but still great to see.


The Roman Forum

On the walk up to the Coliseum you will encounter a section on the side that features old ruins from the City. This is quite cool to see as there’s lots of structure still left so you can make out the buildings etc.  You will follow it around and it will reveal lots of other structures of has been buildings – yet again a great snapshot area

Trevi fountains

These are beautiful. There are many tourists during the day but you can understand why. When you walk up to the water you will see the detail into these sculptures. They are amazing. Surrounding it are many restaurants. I really wanted to come at night and sip some wine around there but we never got chance.

The Parthenon

This building had a lot of scaffolding around it when we went. We weren’t allowed inside as there was a funeral being held??? This place is a chapel and Holy place. It was very impressive to see from the outside.

Bocca della Verità – Lions mouth

Now this is kinda out of town. We had to “wander” to find it. This is hidden inside a church like place. It is near the entrance and you will notice it as you will see a cue of people waiting to have their pics taken with it. The real reason I wanted to see this is because when I was young, in Religious studies I swear they said if you put your hand in this statues mouth that it’s said to bite it off so people were scared. This is why people are seen having their pics taken with their hands in its mouth to see if they are brave. I saw the size of the cue and couldn’t be arsed waiting but I did not witness it bite anyones hands off .

The food

We ate in restaurants here. I had to try the traditional Pizza and also Spag Bol. The pizza was a thin crust and didn’t feature many toppings. They loved to sprinkle olive oil over the top of it.  If I’m honest I’m a great fan of Dominoes and love my meat so to be fair..this wasn’t the best pizza I have eaten however each to their own. The spag bol was gorgeous however considering it was a starter it filled me meaning not much room for the Pizza.

Whilst wondering around I tried one of these cool looking Ice creams. Looked great, tasted great, cost was not so great.. I paid 10 euros for this mofo. That’s the most expensive ice-cream cone vie ever got!


Depends what you’re looking for. If you looking for clubs and trendy crowds with pubs forget it. We walked around for ages and mainly came across restaurants. We couldn’t find one bar only…however since I’ve been back people have told me you have to go on the outskirts of Rome to find any nightlife really.

Overall Rome is a must. I’ve been to the likes of Paris which are said to be “The Most Romantic Place In The World”..I don’t think this at all.. I believe Rome however would be a strong contender. This place is beautiful and I love how you will turn each street and guaranteed to see a unique oldie looking gorgeous building.  Great for a few days, couldn’t stay for a week. Definitely recommend.

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