New York

Rate out of 10: 7 – Lots to see and do, however after 3 days theres something lacking from this place.

Funniest /most memorable moment: Being told the Coyoti Ugly bar really does exist and tasting “Bubble” for the first time.


I went with my friend Gursh.

We only went for 4 days, however managaed to get everything done that we wanted.

I will write up on my experience on each of the attractions below.

The arrival

Once off the plane we had to get to New York City. Leaving the airport was a mission in itself. The security here is very HIGH. I remember having to cue for ages only to be asked a million questions about mine and Gurdsh relationship, why we were there , how long etc. It didnt help that that the couple in front of us had been taken into a private room for further questioning. We then had to have our hands scanned. This was the most nerve racking situation for this trip. We did ask a yellow cab outside the NEWARK  airport how much it would be to the center and it was something like 60 Dollars. We thought feck that and decided to get the train and undersground to Times Square. The first thing you notice when you hit the underground is the heat! Very hot! We arrived at the Times Square underground station and walked up the this was the WOW point. This was the fiurs titme we saw Times sqaure. The huge Tvs, advertising bil boards etc was amazing to see up close! We wandered around trying to find our hotel .  We came across some coppers on horses and I had to get a pic next to them.

We finally found our hotel and settled in. It was in a great location just a short 10 min walk form center of Times sqaure.

The hotel –  The Sofitel – Times Square

Read my review on tripadvisor 🙂 – Was very nice and in Times square you cant complain! They also had the best muffins i have ever tasted as part of their breakfasts 🙂


Times Sqaure

Since we stayed here in the hotel, we saw alot of it. This place is everything youd think it would be. Huge TVS, lots of traffic, lots of people and of course lots of yellow cabs. One thing i noticed about New York on this trip was how each block is such a short distance away from each other. It literally took us 3 mins to get from 5th – 6th avenue. One thing which was cool was hearing police sirens. It sounded like a scene off an action film such as Cloverfield. The fourth picture here was the first view i saw when walking up from the subway. It took my breathe away 🙂

Broadway Muscials – The Lion King

The day we arrived in New York we had also pre booked to see the Lion King on Broadway. We opted for the evening show. Didnt really have to cue that much to get in, as soon as you have tickets you practivcally walk straight in.  This show is awsome! REALLY was a great experience. When the animals appear in the audience etc and how realistic they look!! amazing. This was the one show that i nearly bought hte soundtrack too, as the singers in it were unblieveable! Unfortuantely for me i think i was jet lagged therefore started to drop off towards the end – but this was not due to the show and was uncontrolable..I kept forcing myself to stay awake as i really wanted to see it.

Statue of Liberty

We had to get the underground to the south of the the City where you catch the ferry to the statue. As soon as we got in this area we noticed the statue from afar. We waited for the boat and purchased tickets. One this i was impressed by was the cost. I think it was only 13 dollars for the boat ride and entrance to the statue.

We cruised over the sea and got closer to the statue…finally the statue was getting bigger and bigger and any chance i got i took a snapshot

We got off the boat and then wandered on the Island. Now this island only features an onsite shop and the statue so is reletively small however most people only come here for the statue anyways. We cued for a short while to enter the statue. Whilst cueing we had to go through this bomb machine where you stand in it and it blows burst of air on you! Quite freeky!

Inside the statue features lots of monuments of the history of the statue. They tell you how its built, original drawing etc, why its there. This was really interesting. We then left the statue and had lots of pics taken around her.  Shes not as big as i thought, however still very impressive. This place has so many tourisits thow, so sometimes hard to get a shot without anyone else in it. Once on the boat to the mainland, we got off and spotted another copper so had to have another pic with one  lol .

This is deferenatley worth the visit.


Ground Zero

A short walk from the Harbour for Liberty statue we found Ground Zero in the financial District. This place is quite eerie to see where the twin towers used to be.  Apparantly they are buiding a museum where the twin towers used to be with memroals of the people who died etc. This place is worth the visit mainly to see how tragic it must have been for people. I mean all the buildings are so closed together, i can only imagine how people in the surrounding buildings felt when seeing what had happend in the building next to them!

Brooklyn Bridge

We saw this not only on the boat to see the Statue of liberty but also up close. Very much of a grand design and reminded me of the film Cloverfield when the monster attacks 🙂

The Food

One thing on my bucket list was to eat in an American Diner. Well luckily for us there was one on our Hotel road. We walked in sat down and straight away we felt like we were in the movies. The likes of the waitress coming around with a coffee pot in her hand asking you if you wanted more coffee…the likes of the odd business man sitting at the counter where they made the food whilst reading a newspaper!  We came to this diner every day. I managed to try there fryups which sorry but no where near as good as the English one as the bacons way too thin. They also served it with something called “Bubble”. . which was like corned beef hash.. which was a weird combination! I also tried pancakes here but by far the best was the waffles and icecream!! Yummy. Heaps of ice cream on top of a warm waffle so it melts – sooo nice.. however did get sickly towards the end!!


When out and about i made sure i tried a hot dog off those carts dotted around the city – there basically hot dogs out of tins lol

Also tried pretzels which were soooo huge however very salty!


Central Park

This place was HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. On the way to the park we did see an APPLE STORE which looked cool so had me photo with it.

We arrived and saw hte entrance to the park. One thing you notice is the amount of Horse n Carridges that are around the surrounding area. We did approach one as wanted a tour all around hte park, however he said they only do a small section of it and it was way too picey so we opted out. We entered the park and saw lots of people jogging.  After a while it did just seem like it was a standard park, however then we found the Zoo. We decided to pay to go in to see what it was all about..surely a zoo in central park should be amazing??? boy was I wrong. This place is small, has animals that you see in standard zoos and we walked around it in around half an hour. So boo to the zoo!

We then walked around the park and had a few pics taken with buildings in the background. This place is worth the visit, however dont expect it to take up the majority of your day as you will get bored!


Natural History museum

Whilst near central park we found the Natural History Museum. We went in , paid and started the tour. Straight away you see the huge dinosaur skeletons. I wanted to see the big T REX skeleton that you always see in movies.. but he was in a different section and not in the lobby that the films show – grrr.

This place features alot of history – sorry I know its obvious but other than that a standard museum really. This place is worth the visit if your around by central park!


China Town

There is a section of New York called China Town where it is said you can get gfreat bargains. We took the underground here. There are lots of shops here that sell fake Rolexs etc, however Ive been to better shops in the likes of Turkey and Thailand. There are lots of Chinese takeaways / restaurants and food places. I wouldnt really recommend China Town. We have one in Birmingham that is very similar so nothing different really.

Flea Markets

We were lucky to experience a Flea market in New York. These happen ever so often where they close around 3- 4 anenues off and have lots of markets in them selling clothes / cheap perfume etc. To be honest they were ok, nothing special. Was just weird  walking down the avenues with no traffice at all in them just market stores.


Im not a fan of shopping. Im one of those guys who likes to go in a store, get something then fook off, however I was with a woman. Gursh wanted to go around all the shopping areas. We saw Maccies – the biggest department store in the world! This place is huge in side, and sells well knows brands to cheap brands. I have to admit we could do with one of these in Wolverhampton .. you could sell Diesal style clothes on the top and then Primark clothes in the basement for when your on a budget 🙂

I didnt really take much notice of the shopping, all I know is that my feet hurt and there were millions of high price tags!

Empire state building + Roccafella

The Empire State building is a place you have to visit. You notice it straight away for its uniqie design from afar. We cued up for abit and then you catch a lift, cue some more and catch another lift. Finally we made it to the top. You walk threw the doors onto the “balcon” area at the top and the first thing that hit us was how windy it was up there. There are cages around the surrounding sides so no one jumps off! Lots of pigeons come up here too to poo and generally get in your way. The views from up here are amazing! It was hard to get a really good shot as the cage was always in the way but i think i did ok 🙂 The Rocafell acenter has a great bit at the bottom showing the gold angels. There really nice and inside is huge aswel. We did want to go to the top here as the views up here are supposed to be equally if not better than the empre stae building, however the secretary there advised us that it was 0 visiability up there as the clouds and weather so we didnt bother paying to go up.


Coyoti Ugly Bar

One night me and Gursh decided to go out drinking in the Meat packing district – i think its called?

We got talking to these chaps who lived in New York. They asked us if we had visited  the bar that the film “Coyoty Ugly” was based on? I said i didnt know it existed as thought it was made up. The guy directed us and stated i must warn you” if you go in there , they most likely will make fun out of something your wearing” I was in a waistecoat so naturally i thought “nahhhh” not a chance.

We got a taxi to the place. It is situated undera huge bridge. Apparntly they filmed the outside of the bar on the film outside this bar. It seemed very small from the outside and you couldnt see threw the windows. A beared bouncer was on the door and we waited to be allowed inside. We got inside and WOW…it was just like the film only smaller. Pictures and bras were hanging from the walls, full of people. I noticed that the barmaids were fire breathing on the bar as i got in..this was amazing. I cued to get a drink and finally was greeted by one of the these barmaids are quick. You gotta order your drink within seconds you get it.

Gursh wanted a malibu and coke so i orderd it then suddenly the barmaid grabbed the dicatphone from behind hte bar, stopped the music and shouted “this guy here just ordered a Malibu and coke, do we serve Malibu” and everyone shouted “hell no” she then went onto shout how i looked like JOey out of friends with my waistecoat :(..but twas all fun. . I ordered another beer then she said to me “what shot you drinking?” i was like errrr I didnt order a shot- she said you gotta have a shot with me.. so the first the thing that came into my head was Jack daniels so i said that to go along with it.. now she didnt pour me just any shot..this was a HUGE shot of JD. She poured herself one and downed it with me. . then went onto the next customer.

This place is amazing, probably one of the best bars ive visisted. Its small however its unique decoration and barmaids added to the theme and really do a great job of this place. You never know when something is going to happen in here and thats whats so great about it. One minute your drinkining having a chat with your mate, the next the bar staff are blowing flames out there mouths! ha


Sky / High bar

Now we were told that we should try out one of the open terrace bars on top of one of the hotels in the clubbing area of New York. We found this one place. We all cued up downstairs and then you walked threw the lobby of the hotel to all go in a lift. The lift then takes you to the top floor where you go into thebar area. This was amazing, as was like being at a cocktail party. There was a balcoy and looked all over the city – at night this looked great. Deferanately try this if you come here as you feel proper classy ha.

Cost of things?

I was surprised how cheap it was here. The only thing that was pricey was the drinks, but youd expect that. If you go shopping and drining lots everynight then prepare to spend lots..if your going for sightseeing and the odd drink and meal you really dont have to take that much. Entrances to Statue of LIberty / empire state building were no more than 15 dollars each . Was great value for money.

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  1. Gursh

    Errrrr 7 out of 10! Charming hope that doesn’t include the company! Good times matey.. wish I recorded you getting slated at the bar was so funny!
    My funniest moment when I went into a salon demanding something for my frizzy hair.. New York is fab but my hair didn’t agree with the humidity! I spent about $30 dollars in stuff and no luck

    What about in tiffanys when I spent ages deciding if I wanted that bracelet and the guy kept looking at me like I was gna rob the place. Haha

    Change it to 10 out of 10 dumbass! Lol

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