Hiking Up Scarfell Pike

Month/Year: August 2017

Weather: Rainy with shitting bad wind


So for me Birthday this year, I fancied a hike.. but not just any hike. I wanted to hike up England’s tallest Mountain Scarfell Pike. Me N Frosty had already done Ben Nevis and Snowdon (the other of the 3 peaks) so now this would complete our mission but first we had to set up camp.

The Campsite

Campsite: Wasdale Head Inn

Price: £5pppn


Me , Mike n Ang decided to head out around 10:20am from Dudley. It took us around 4 hours to get to our campsite. The other surrounding campsites in the area were fully booked, and I had my eye on a specific one mainly as it was a boozer with a field right at the start of the trail up the mountain so hey was ideal!

The only issue with this place was that they didn’t take bookings, it was first come first served basis. Now when we left the motorway and travelled the last hour here you literally are up the top of hills in the middle of nowhere. No reception, no people, just mountains. We saw the Wasdale Head Inn pub where we would be staying in the distance (as its literally the only building here).

We arrived and fortunately the women said there was lots of space in her field. It was a cool looking boozer, bigger than I thought.  Had toilets for campers, n wash basins n everything., n to top it off the landlady told us that they were having a singer on on Saturday night.. woohoo what a great way to end the tip.

Now we had to park the car n carry all our stuff over to the cp as they didn’t allow cars on the field. It wasnt that much of a pain to be honest as you literally park right next to the stile. Me Mike n Ang set up camp . Me n Mike went to get water n when I got back Ang had decorated the tent with Birthday Banners.. aww aint she sweet.

N since we were the first ones there decided to have a much deserved selfie n beer…oh and that mountain in between me n Mike below is the one we thought was Scarfell pike!

It was at this stage me n Mike realised we had both worse the best watches ever made!


Me n Mike had also constructed our “Bear Grills” Style water supply.. well kinda…


Hour later Jay n Helen turned up n then Frosty (who had spent around 9 hours on the motorway due to accidents). We were all set up for camp (including me fairy lights).

This trip also allowed me to test out me new pee bottle. Let me paint the scene, your in a campsite, toilets are too much of a trek away.. n its still daylight, how do you go to the toilet without people seeing? Well this little bottle was great. Used it several times in the night too hehe.


We sat around drinking trying to figure out which mountain was gunna be Scarfell Pike, then we took a trip to the nearby lake and came across a ghetto sign.//as it said the word “MASSIF”


We also got some cool pics of the lake obviously…

We had also now been told which mountain was actually Scarfell Pike..



We trotted back and took to our tents for a much-needed rest for 2moz adventure up the mountain.

The Day of the Trek

First of all can I point out last night was fooking terrible for sleep. The winds were so powerful that another group had to leave at 4am in the morning as their tent poles snapped . I had about 1 hours kip as it was that loud crashing against the tent. The wind is the worse ive ever heard. . you could hear it rumbling at the top of the mountains n it would then come crashing down onto our tents with great force. Bastard wind, at one point we could feel our air bed lifting up !

Anyways, check our pegs n only one peg was out.. well done new tent!

So we  all got up around 8:30am , cooked food n once bellys were full from a morning fryup, it was time to cram all our hiking shite on us.  The weather was actually ideal , as it wasnt sunny and had a constant breeze and it wasnt raining.

Waterproofs on, Lucazades n sandwiches packed, walking boots tied, we were all ready for 10am to start our trek to Mount Mordor, I mean Mount Scarfell Pike. Now I hadn’t got a fooking clue where this path started so i asked the landlord who kindly came out from reception n showed me n Mike where to start n generally where to follow the path around. It turned our that actually none of the mountains we thought was Scarfell Pike were actually Scarfell Pike. It was actually hidden behind one of the huge mountains by us.

I decided to take a mountain rescue photo at the start at our trail.


9:54AM  = We started the hike from the toilets on the same road as our campsite n walked over a small bridge then you could see ahead of you the path up the mountain. There were quite a few other hikers so it was pretty easy to figure out where you had to go as there was only one route.  It wasn’t long until it started to rain n we had to pile on the waterproofs which was a fookin pain the ass as i was sweating me tezzers off already even with just a t shirt on.

Now literally within the first hour of hiking we were hit with our first obstacle which was mini rapids. Now in the pictures these rapids look small and not scary at all, however in reality it had been raining , so rocks were slippery, there was no “safe path” as such as these were just random rocks placed across this river so you had to plan your own route across and jump across the rocks. To be honest I enjoyed this part quite abit as was funny seeing people kinda stop , look at the rapids n plan which route they would take.. most people took the safer looking route further up river as there were more rocks, I chose the one closest to the waterfall hehehe.


On the way down My foot went into the rapids whilst trying to help Ang across, Frosty managed to get the moment just before it happened…


followed by…

Past the deathly rapids we went up.

Half way up

Now if honest I quite liked the route up, as it was in sections. There were kinda steps you could go up, or you could go on the grass.


Half way up and you can see the lake we visited yday which was quite cool from up here.

There was also sections that were just huge boulders. Nothing too challenging on the foot, but still made good scenery.

Also at this stage we hit a section where we could get 4g!! Yes 4G..me n Mike were rather amused. . . Mike said he got 3 notifications telling him he had 3 matches on Tinder – go Mike!


Now as we went up the mountain, we could see a mist going ahead of us. It looked like it was being sucked up the mountain, but never seemed to disappear which was annoying. We slowly began to walk into the mist where this is when the terrain started to get trickier.

3/4  Way Up

We couldn’t see below us and people started to “disappear” into further mist so this is when you could easily get lost n not know what direction you were going so was important to keep moving. The ground started to get uneven, n alot more rockier. There was a steep section which were a mixture of smaller rocks and huge massive fookers that you stood on. We asked someone how far up, n they replied with “this is the worse bit, so another 15 mins n you’ll be up at the top”



Now one thing I noticed on the last 10 mins up to the top was not only were we surrounded by mist but the ground was just pure rocks the size of XBOX 360 CONSOLE. Lots of um. Uneven ground n it was literally like there was an avalanche n the rocks were just balancing on each other. It was dodgy as fook as all the intermittent rain made it slippery, n people were sliding all over the place.



We saw the sumit in view n were happy to get there.


Now there aint no cafe, or train station or even a flat surface at the top here like Snowdon, so we literally had to find a place round the corner of the summit on sharp rocks where we had our photo…we had made it to the top of Scarfell Pike!! Wohoo. It had taken about 3 hours to get up.


We tucked into our sandwiches n headed back down. I knew the journey Down was gunna be fast as fook, however was also dodgy as fook. Mike had gone on following these others guys into the mist.. It wasn’t long until I had lost sight of him ..then all of a sudden saw him walking back towards us and said.. “This is not the correct way down”. Already we had got turned around at the top and were going down the incorrect way. We quickly got our bearings n headed in the correct way.


I waited a little longer for Frosty n Ang as they had bad knees, n Frosty kept falling on his bad and good knee haha so he was practically a cripple towards the end. Jay, Helen n Mike went on.

Now the journey back was actually really quick, however Ang had lost one half of her Gerlert pole up there. It was a shame as this was the first time she had friggin used them n I bought them her grrrr. Anyways Since the others had gone on, Me Frosty n Ang decided to go what we thought was the right way down. Now I actually didn’t know there was a split at the bottom. We followed the waterfall where it took us to the National trust campsite, which although was on the same road as our campsite, it was still the wrong way…however still managed to get some good shots by the waterfalls we didnt see on way up.

We ended up in the wrong campsite trying to get out of it onto the main road. People were taken back when we were asking the campers “how do you get out of this campsite” haha We finally got out and were on the main road n walked it back to the campsite where the others had been there for 20 mins.

Now me legs were killing abit, knees hurting but felt great that we had all done it in a good time. We got back about 4. So average was 3 hours up n 3 hours down. Not bad. The walk is noticibly alot less time than the other 2 mountains, however I personally think the terrain at the top was more challenging than the other 2.

I changed out of me sweaty clothes n we went to the boozer n had a much earned pint.


Followed by a home cooked meal there of a club sandwich n cheesy garlic bread


Followed by a few more pints n a live singer who sang requests. Teh boozer was good fun and greatly decorated as was abit oldy worldy n the crowd was all hikers. Some were freshly dressed, others straight in from the hike with their hiking poles etc. Great fun.

We then hit the sack in our tents for what was alot less windier night n we all had a great night sleep.


This trip was great fun. If I was to do this trek I would stay at this pub again as I think its great value for money, especially since other places were charging like £35 per night for 2 people + car money. The mountain was easier enough, sure me knees killed a few days after, but it wasn’t that bad really. Didn’t get bitten, didn’t get injured, got very sweaty on me lower back n wet hair, but that’s about it. The worse part of this trip was the drive up n down there. . n I wasn’t even the one driving so felt sorry for Ang. I chose this activity for me bday as there’s nothing like doing a mountain, followed by a pint! hehe



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