Hiring A Car – USA

This page is part of my backpacking USA experience [read here]

So we were in Austin and since Megabus was limited to places and we were wanting to explore some of the “outer city” attractions, it was time to drive!

We chose Avis car hire as they allow you to travel from state to state and don’t charge you “out of state miles”.  It cost us $720 for 7 days online which included a SatNav, Roadside assistance and insurance.   We opted for a ford focus or similar as it seemed better on fuel plus it was bigger and didn’t cost must extra than the economy.

When we arrived the only added extra was a driver. We were shown to our car which was a Ford Escape.  The car was rather big.. almost 4×4 like as it went up at the back. The bags fit in the huge boot which was great.

Since it was automatic we had to have the guy teach us how to operate it. It was a new car so very “space age ish” inside.  It was relatively simple to drive.. simply slot it into drive and when you release the break it drives automatically.

We set our destination which was Amarillo and we were on our way. We had to get used to driving opposites side to the road.. the satnav got us totally lost as Garmin Satnavs are no where as good as TomToms in my opinion!. . it just does not show you the right lane your supposed to be in. The satnav lady got us lost 4 times until we finally got on the highway and we were on our way to Amarillo to join route 66.

Driving was ok, however if I wanted to floor the car that’s what I couldn’t grasp as you would put your gas pedal down to the floor and it would keep jumping as you skipped gear – its cuz i’m used to a manual.

Petrol prices were cheap. Were talking $3 per gallon. We would put in 20 dollars per 4-5 hours worth of driving which is about £12 – so cheap.

Here’s our beast!


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