Hong Kong

The Place in General

To be honest we didn’t like Hong Kong. For some reason we thought it would be a place with lots of modern buildings and very clean and hip with technology etc..however it was the opposite. We stayed in the  Tsim Sha Tsu district as we wanted to be close to the markets etc. The area is deffo better at night in terms of looks. There is lots of rubbish and slummy areas everywhere. The people here too are rude. The amount of times they would just push past you, or cut you up in a line etc without saying sorry..plus alot of them look miserable as hell as there walking n talking to each other. When we asked questions to some of the folk here they would answer in an abrupt manner, n im not sure but got the sense they didn’t want us there for some reason! The main good thing we did like about this place was how cheap food was. Your talking around 68 HKD for a full meal which is about a fiver which aint bad. The supermarkets sold packs of 6 cokes for £3 too! Alcohol is cheap to buy in markets however we never found a cheap bar at all.

Airport to Tsim Sha Tsu

There are many ways but we opted for the bus as its direct. The A21 took around 1 hour to get us to the Chungking Mansions. It cost 33 baht each. Dirt cheap and it was direct and had all the stops on a digital display so we knew which stop was for Chunking Manshions. The only bad thing about this service was that you need the exact change as there were a few people who tried giving the bus driver (who was rude as fuck) a 100 and he didn’t have any change AT ALL. I just bought our tickets from the ticket office outside by the buses to save the hassle. .

Our Accommodation.

Peace Guest House – Chungking Mansions.

Now we had read reviews about the Chungking Manshions being narsstyyy n they were not lying. The outside area aint bad however you have all the Indian sales guys standing out the front trying to sell you suits, watches, food, hostels and drugs. Our hostel was in here as its kinda like a huge building with lots of levels. We walked threw all the sales guys and then had to constantly wait ages for the lift. Its stupid as for our section in the building there were 2 lifts and like 15 floors. Even the cleaners for each floor use the same damn lift meaning you can be waiting ages for it. . oh n its small as hell so can only fit around 4 people in it at a time. When you do finally get to your floor the rooms are really tiny in the guest houses. They supplied water via a water cooler that literally just pumped out hot water and it was like 33 degrees! To be fair the small rooms I can put up with, however getting to them was horrible. Its a horrible building and being hassled everytime your downstairs was so annoying!

The Night Markets – Temple Street

To be fair these were ok. Lots of markets selling things like electronics, clothes and jewellery etc. To be honest thow although the market stalls go on for ages, they tend to be selling the same kinda stuff. I saw 32gb drives for less than £1 each which looked like characters like Batman etc so I got one (knowing it wouldn’t work) got it home and it did say there was 32gb on it however when transferring files they would be there until you unplugged it and plugged it in again – then they disappeared lol..im just glad I didn’t go for the more expensive 64gb one. Worth a crack to see these markets however don’t get your hopes up too much as it aint all that.


Tian Tan Buddha

Now Bec is really into Buddhas so we heard that there was a huge one here. We got the E23 bus from Jordan street and this took us to the train station near the Buddha. It only cost !6 HKD. You could either go up the mountain via cheap ass bus, or by cable cart. We decided to go by cable cart as wanted to get some good views. The weird thing about the cable carts was how there were 2 different types. There was an normal one and a crystal one – I mean wtf? The crystal one was obviously more expensive. It featured a glass bottom which personally I think would scare people more than it would be a good experience, so we purchased the cheap ass one.


The cable cart took us up to the top of the mountain where the small village and Buddha was.. The ride took around 10 mins and takes you up very high over the sea at first and then over the mountains. At the top the wind was quite bad and it made the cable cart sway which was not fun for me n bec on are own in that cart..grrr.

We made it alive to the village. At the top theres lots of shops etc and then you see the big ass Buddha. There were also other things such as the Wisdom path there that you could walk down however we weren’t that bothered about that. At the bottom of the Buddha there were lots of steps leading up to it so off we trotted.

The Buddha is huge and you can go around its base and underneath there is lots of info on buddhas etc. The views were great up here as you could see the mountains and sea. There was an army helicopter constantly transporting something from mountain to mountain which was weird but still.


 The Symphony Of Lights

So this is the longest light display in the world. We headed down to the Avenue of stars by the harbour and you see people just waiting by the sides. We got a good spot to the right where you can sit on the poles. Our view overlooked the sea and across the way were all the high buildings like Samsung etc. The light show started with a woman narrating it over the speakers and then you spotted lasers go into the sky and then certain buildings would light up dancing to the music. Now if im honest I expected this show to be alot better than it was. Out of the many buildings there were, about only 7 of them seemed to participate in with the light show. Plus there were gaps in between all the participating buildings causing abit of lack of concentration. Just didnt seem big. I expected lots of buildings with lights all over them and the skies lit up by lasers, but this just was not good at all. I got bored after 2 minutes watching it.

The Foods

The first day we arrived there we tried noodles with chicken  n pork with a fried egg on top. This was so nice and only cost around £2.50 each. The prices of food here were great and to be fair they were really cheap.


To be honest we found a few however all shite. They charge  around a fiver for a beer even in slummy bars. Plus they had no atmosphere. Im sure there are nicer bars in the central district however I guess you have to pay the price for them – I aint a modern bar kinda guy so that wouldn’t appeal to me anyways! Average price for a beer was about £4 at its cheapest.

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