Koh Phangan

Getting here – Phuket to Koh Phangan 

So we booked a mini bus + ferry for 750 bahts each as it was alot cheaper than the plane. We booked it at a local travel agents.  The mini bus collected us at 7:30am from our hotel. We then spent around 7 hours on this mini bus with around 7 other people. Unfortunately we had one annoying Swedish old guy at the back who insisted he wanted to drink at 7:30am in the morning (whiskey) and slate the English (not knowing we were from England)..so that was fun. We stopped off once for a toilet break and then the 2nd time he dropped us off around 3/4 way there. We then had to wait about an hour for a coach to come and take us to the Ferry terminal. To be fair the coach was really big and actually really comfortable.

We got to the ferry place and waited about half an hour for the ferry. The ferry was very erm..structured! You go below deck where you sit on plastic chairs with life jackets attached to them and wait about 1 hour n half until we got to Koi Samui. Since this was our first stop and not our island, we then travelled a further half hour or so to Koh Phangan.

Getting off the ferry and then getting a taxi to our accommodation was the funniest part. There were plenty of people trying to offer taxis at the pier. We were greeted by a lady and 2 men who said they will take us to our resort on 3 scooters. Now bare in mind we all had 2 rucksacks each..1 of which was huge.. they didnt care. They plonked the big one in front of them whilst I balanced on the back. To be fair they took the journey really slow and they were great drivers.

10 mins later we arrived at our resort. This journey cost us 100 bahts each via scooter. Not bad really.


The place in general

So this is my 2nd time to this island. The first time thow I didnt stay on the island as I was only here for the Full Moon Party (I stayed on Koh Samui). This place is safe..we did hire a scooter for one day and drove around the north n East side of the island however we didnt find alot to do. Sure you have the odd temple and elephant trekking..but nothing that other islands dont have already. Its a nice place to come for a few days. Beaches are ok, however I feel Koh Samui has more “beautiful” beaches. Travelling around on scooter was easy enough. Traffics not bad on this island at all so easy for a beginner to get around.


We stayed at the First Villa Beach Resort.  It was right on the beach and only cost 500 baht a night for 2 people. That was in a garden view bungalow aswel. It was great fun there. A lady named Bobo ran the place and was always there. She was great at speaking English and would arrange any trips you wanted etc. This place also featured a swimming pool. The rooms were spacious and had a nice bathroom. Bobo also arranged a scooter for the day for us at 150 bahts for the day which is like £3!!! amazing.

Half Moon Party

So this was the main reason why we were here. Bobo the owner of our accomodation said that at 7:50pm everyone whos staying there should come to the restaurant area where she will be selling buckets of alcohol and she can face paint us for the party etc.

We arrived at the restaurant and all the people that were going to the party were there. We got to chat to people…n then Bobo came out with the facepaints. One by one she would paint designs on people. To be fair it was hard for her to do everyone so the rest of us started helping ourselves to the paint and painting ourselves. Jess the Ozzy painted a Tiger on my Neck and then Ghekkos on my arm. I also got her to draw some Techno glasses on me. Bec had her stomach and face painted too.

I had previously bought a half moon top for 150 bahts (just to get in the spirit of things) so along with the facepaints we looked the part. Check us out!

After one bucket of Bacardi n coke n red bull n a Chang, we were then ready to get a taxi. It was now 11:30pm. Bobo called us a taxi n off we went. The party was only about 10 mins away from our resort. We got there and unlike the Full Moon party this was in a jungle. It looked cool. We went inside and lots of people were here. Straight away we saw flourescent paint being offered to people etc. You walk up a small hill and then you have like a circle of bars in the jungle. Unlike Full Moon party, there is only 1 DJ who plays at a time. Now the main issue we had with this was that the music was too repetative. Im a great fan of old school trance..however they didnt play any vocal stuff at all…n if im honest they may aswel just bunged on a CD as each tune sounded the same n had no depth to it.

The atmosphere was ok, however having been to Full Moon party and loving it, this was no comparison. I wouldnt do a half moon again as I just dont feel its my kinda music. Drinks there were about 100 bahts each. They didnt sell as many buckets as whats on full moon party either which was weird.

We then got into a shared taxi for 100 bahts each n went back. So overall it was ok as the facepainting n meeting other people back at Bobos place was probably better fun that the actual party.

Drinking out of a coconut

Always wanted to do this. When renting a scooter we went to the North of the Island and this is where I purchased my 60 bahts coconut. It came with a straw. Now I didnt really know what to expect from it if honest, however when I tried it it was…erm …different. It was see threw however tasted of really creamy milk mixed with coconut! – plus it was warm which didnt help. I cant say I hated it, however there was alot of creamyness in there n it was about a pints worth so i just couldnt finish it. I think maybe abit more chilled n it would have been cool. Nether the less, still a great experience. Hurrar.


Thai massarge

So although this was always on my list, I actually needed one today. The night before the Half Moon party me n Bec had a few beers n decided it would be fun to race along the beach. Now I dont really run that much n although I kicked her ass (n surprised me how fast I ran), the next morning I woke up n me back was killing. Now I had back issues several years ago n it was now hurting in exact same place (bummer), so I thought feck it lets see what the Thai lady at our resort can do with her hands.

I opted for half an hour which cost me 200 bahts. I laid on my front n then she proceeded to work into my back. I had told her to concentrate on my lower back so she did. She used oil too. Now I rekon she could feel where the pain was (lower left back) as she really worked it. It killed at first however after a while didnt hurt as much.

Half an hour later I sat up  n she cracked my toes n digged her knees into my back. This was abit weird however done very professional. I got up n walked away n it actually helped. It hadnt cured it, but deffo helped it. I would deffo have one of these massarges again as they really know what there doing n as soon as you say something hurts, they lay off. This is what I love about Thailand…you have the resources on your front door 🙂



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