Koh Phangan

Getting here – Phuket to Koh Phangan 

So we booked a mini bus + ferry for 750 bahts each as it was alot cheaper than the plane. We booked it at a local travel agents.  The mini bus collected us at 7:30am from our hotel. We then spent around 7 hours on this mini bus with around 7 other people. Unfortunately we had one annoying Swedish old guy at the back who insisted he wanted to drink at 7:30am in the morning (whiskey) and slate the English (not knowing we were from England)..so that was fun. We stopped off once for a toilet break and then the 2nd time he dropped us off around 3/4 way there. We then had to wait about an hour for a coach to come and take us to the Ferry terminal. To be fair the coach was really big and actually really comfortable.

We got to the ferry place and waited about half an hour for the ferry. The ferry was very erm..structured! You go below deck where you sit on plastic chairs with life jackets attached to them and wait about 1 hour n half until we got to Koi Samui. Since this was our first stop and not our island, we then travelled a further half hour or so to Koh Phangan. We arrived at the ferry terminal in Koh Phangan at 6:30pm.  So in all the journey did basically take up our day..it was annoying on the mini bus however it had air con etc so not bad. Just depends who your sharing it with.

Getting off the ferry and then getting a taxi to our accommodation was the funniest part. There were plenty of people trying to offer taxis at the pier. We were greeted by a lady and 2 men who said they will take us to our resort on 3 scooters. Now bare in mind we all had 2 rucksacks each..1 of which was huge.. they didnt care. They plonked the big one in front of them whilst I balanced on the back. To be fair they took the journey really slow and they were great drivers.

10 mins later we arrived at our resort. This journey cost us 100 bahts each via scooter. Not bad really.


The place in general




half moon party

thai massarge


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