Koh Samui

The Place in General

This is my 2nd time in Koh Samui. This place is a beach kinda place. Its only a small island. The beaches are nice here. To be honest I know the majority of Thailand has markets, however I found Koh Samui to be the best place for clothes / goods etc. Theres just more of a choice. Its safe here and less “seedy” than the likes of Bangkok. Hardely much traffic n easy to travel around via scooter.

Mosquitoes: 3/10 – Got bitten a few times but we were staying in the jungle…however no where near as much as I thought.

How We Got There

From Koh Phangan to Koi Samui its simple. We purchased a boat + taxi option from our host at our accomodation. It cost 600 bahts to be collected from our accomodation and be taken to the ferry…the ferry was only about an hour to Koh Phangan. There was a lady on the ferry selling tickets for mini buses. The going rate seems to be about 150 bahts per person to get from the ferry to your hotel, and since this is what she offered us thats what we did. When we got off she waited for us and put us in a mini bus with around 6 other people. Our hotel was first drop off which was cool.


Our Accomodation – The Jungle Club

Cost: 800 bahts per night

We arrived in our mini bus at the bottom of a hill. Now the mini bus lady said she would call the Jungle Club to come get us (as they were based at the top of the hill. . . now she drove off and it started to rain so luckily for us I found a hand made shelter in the bushes so all 3 of us got under it.










After 10 mins there was still no sign of the transport so we waited for the rain to die down n off we walked up the hill. Now we had no idea how far up the Jungle Club was but it wasnt that steep (at this point). We found a shop on our way where we walked to for cover from the rain. 2 Thai women were there and although not the greatest English, they still understood that we needed someone to call he Jungle club to come get us. The little old lady called them…whilst waiting I noticed she had a talking bird in a cage. It spoke phrases like “Swadee Kar” which was so cool. After 10 mins along came a 4×4 from the Jungle Club. We all got in the back and it drove us up the hill. This is when we realised it was alot steeper. You really needed a 4×4 to get up to this place! This was the pick up truck








So we arrived and although raining this place looked awesome. We got to reception and the manager explained that there had been a double booking so instead of a standard hut, he offered me n Bec the house. We were so pleased and lucky. Jess got shown her hut, and we were walked to our house. It was really nice. It was basically a huge room with a bathroom. There were a few bugs about the place but hay your in the jungle. We then noticed the mosquito net attached to the bed. It had a TV and DVD in the room too…the shower although looking nice, was shite. It was supposed to have hot water – it didnt. It also trickled rather than sprayed you. It was a lame excuse for a shower! grrr!

After the 1st 2 nights we were not allowed to stay in the house for free upgrade so we downsized to the jungle huts which looked very unique n cute. There was no glass in the windows in the bathroom meaning any insect could just fly into your hut when it wanted, so especially at night we very rarely put the light on (attract too many mozes) n we always chilled out with the Moze net around us (we called it our fort). The shower here was actually better than the house one as although cold, it was refreshing n not too cold as it was hot here. The hut was cute, however after 2 days kinda annoys you with the ants etc.

It was now time to explore the resort. This place was amazing. It was basically like a huge circle. All the houses / huts were around the edge of it. It featured a restaurant that served all sorts of dishes. I loved having the Thai Curry Chicken there. Meals were about 200 bahts each. Beer was 100 bahts each.

It also had chillout huts on the cliff side where you could chill out n eat your meal or drink etc. I came to these huts every morning n had a pot of tea n toast n pineappey jam (so nice) whilst watching Jezza Kyle on my netbook as the WiFi here was great too.  The views were amazing as they over looked the jungle and beach n sea. Although raining when we got there next few days were really sunny n nice. There was also a dog named Lilly who was a jack russel puppy who was very fussy..she came to us the first night n proceeded to hump all the cushions in the hut n chew the corners off haha.

The prime feature of this resort was the infinity pool. This over looked the jungle n sea n beach. It was the best Infinity pool id ever been in. Thing is we didnt even know it had one when we booked it.  It was warm n deep enough to relax in. Chilling out in this pool along with dragon flies n butter flys flying around you was actually really nice. Made you realise how lucky you were to be able to stay in the jungle. You couldnt really swim in it as such as it wasnt big enough but who cared…this view was amazing!

To be honest I thought staying in the middle of a jungle would mean I would get bitten a million times a day..however I didnt. Sure I got bitten but literally only had about 7 bites in the 5 days we were there. Bare in mind there were fire ants, normal ants, mozes, bees, wasps, hornets n spiders n staying in a hut with gaps all around the ceilings n no covers over the windows n yet still hardely got bitten. Loved this experience. On their website couples get married up there and to be honest I can see why as its a nice place to have all your mates at n if you stayed over in the huts that would make it more entertaining. At night there were lanterns in the middle of the circle to help guide you back to your hut. It was so pretty here n for me was the best resort i’ve ever stayed at!

 The Temples / Buddhas

So I had met a lady named Pat years ago back in 2009 when I first came here. She had kept in contact with us…and since we were here I wanted to meet up with her. She now owns her own restaurant. We arrived at her place and she cooked us a spicy Thai special fried rice and did us both Mango, Kiwi n Strawberry fruit shakes. They were a great way to start the day as it was bloody hot in there!










Pat then said she will lend us her scooter to go see some temples and the Big Buddha. . Since there was 3 of us she gave me one of her scooters and took Bec on her bigger one. I aint the best at riding scooters (mainly around corners) but I thought feck it.  Helmets on off we went.








I followed Pat the way there, n to be fair it was an easy route. After about 15 mins of driving we arrived there. We parked up and walked to the bottom of the huge buddha. It was amazing. Its colours were so bright and cheerful. Its amazing when you look closely aswel and see what its holding in its hands etc aka the attention to detail. Looking up at the Buddha was a great sight.









Pat then took us to the left hand side where there were slates that you could write on for 50 bahts each. Apparantely you could right a message on them and they would be used towards a roof for the temple (I think). So we wrote one.

Pat then said right lets go up there. This was the stage where everyone has to take off their shoes / sandals. Now bare in mind it was bloody hot..in the 30s easily. So took off me sandals and as soon as I tried to walk up the stairs..it burnt like hell. I was running around, not knowing what to do so I quickly ran back to sandals to put them on. . . After hesitation I gave it another go. I found the white tiles cooler than the red tiles, plus I found a shaded area to the right hand side which seemed to help.. so off I trotted.

The top of the Buddha is surrounded by bells. Pat took Bec and picked up some sticks. It was then tradition to walk around hitting all the bells in order. I did joke saying that this meant free drinks all around (as that what happens in bars in Thailand when you ring their bell).

We then walked down to the bottom, sandals on and off on the bikes again. Pat then took us to some temples around the corner. Now these temples were different to what ive seen before as there was like 6 temples in the same place along with about 4 big buddhas.  We went to each one n again was impressed by the attention to details with each one.

Pat then bought some bread and we fed the fish in the pond that surrounded the Buddhas. I noticed these fish were big n on closer inspection noticed they were all Catfish. . . huge feckers they were!

Pat then took us to where the river normally is. Here there were about 4 statues of mermaids n dragon creatures. Naturally we had to have our pics next to them

We then got back on the bikes n headed back. The main issue I had with this day was the heat. After a while I was just so thirsty n hot all the time that I became less motivated to see more. Pat was amazing thow. She told us about the culture etc. Although Im not really a temple kinda guy, this was impressive to see them amoungst lots of Buddhas!



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