Las Vegas Baby!

Date: 19th Dec – 26th Dec

Weather: Warm. Most days was about 18 Degrees Celcius. Didnt rain at all whilst we were there over Christmas. 

General Las Vegas

So we were here for Christmas. First of all Vegas is not good for Christmas if you like your traditional turkey dinners, Christmas songs and log fires etc. Its too commercial and just has no “Christmassy” feel to it.  I think the reason is because Las Vegas has so many props and decorations for their themes in their hotels, that these easily out do any Christmas trees etc they put up.  Las Vegas  is situated around a LONG ass strip. About a mile I think. We were staying in  at Luxor which is the South Side of the Strip. The Stratosphere is the North side. I walked from my Hotel to the Wynn and that’s all I could really handle until my feet became sore. It’s not just a long road you see. The road has lots of bridges that you have to walk up and down to continue to walk along the strip – that’s what knackers you out. There is however a bus that you catch called “The Deuce” that only costs $8 for 24 hours use. It starts off at the South End (by the Luxor) and goes to Fremont Street which is just past the Circus Circus Hotel which is one of the last hotels on the strip. There are lots of tourists here like 24/7 so I don’t think there’s an unsafe time to wonder around. Most expensive place for ATMS charging you $5 each time you withdraw. Amazing hotels.

Getting Free Drinks

So before we came to Vegas people and blogs have stated how you get free drinks via the casinos. I was sceptical at first and when we arrived I had to try this out. You can see the waitresses dotted about the place. You know who they are as each casino has different dresses…So for example the Luxor they wore blue dresses – oh and they tend to have their boobs out too. So knowing who the waitresses were, I sat at a machine that cost me a 25 cents to play. The lady would come around and ask if anyone wanted any cocktails..I put up my hand and thought id try it out, so ordered myself a beer. Surely enough she came back with it, and when I gave her a dollar tip she seemed really pleased. As time went by I would just sit at a slot machine and when I saw the waitress I would just call her over and ask her for cocktails, wines all sorts.. Basically if you’re sitting at the slot machine, your drink will be free – regardless if you play or not.

Cheap drinks / happy hours

Vegas is like everywhere else. There are bars such as “Hard Rock” that do happy hours. So you’re paying around 4 dollars a drink..However after around 7pm expect to pay alot! We went into an Irish bar in New York casino which was $5 for a Guinness however after 7pm it was $9.  The Sherwood bar in Excalibur did sell 2.75 pints in plastic footballs which were $9. They were cool.  We did find a hidden gem bar though for cheap drinks 24 hours. It is based in the Excalibur casino and is called “Bepo Italien bar” (or something like that.. it was an Italian restaurant. This place did ¾ pints of Bud for $2 and large wines for $5. Although a restaurant, it did feature a small bar area where you could drink, so me N Bec were happy. We spent most our days here if we wanted to drink.

There are also small kinda stands down the strip that will sell you cans and cocktails, and since this is Vegas you are allowed to walk up and down the strip without any hassel.

Fremont Street

So we had read reviews that there was another part of Vegas called Fremont Street. This was said to be cheaper than the strip for bars. Since staying on the strip, Fremont Street was a mission away so we found out that there was a bus called “The Deuce”. This started off the south end of the strip n took you to Fremont. It only cost around $8 for a 24 hour pass. It did take along time to get there as it stops off along the way at many casinos however we finally made it.

Fremont Street was basically a huge strip with lots of bars n casinos – basically the same as the main strip only lower key. We saw the famous “SLOTZILLA” machine which was supposed to be open this summer but was delayed! Come winter it was still not open so unfortunately I could not go on it as Zippling threw the strip would have been so cool.

To be honest Fremont street aint all that. The beer aint that cheaper than some bars on the strip as before 7pm, beer is at it’s cheapest on the main strip anyway! We did have a few bars we wanted to visit which were called “Insert Coins” and “Dont Tell Mama”, however when we got to them they were closed. Luckily we found a bar on the corner called “Park On Fremont” and this had a cool courtyard area with lots of cool decorations – very vintage! We stayed here as they did an offer where you got 4 drinks served in jam jars for $20. I had Guinness and Bec had a cocktail. The one cool thing about this place was that they put incense sticks in the plant pots and come around and light them, so as you’re in the courtyard surrounded by heaters, you also have this amazing smell!

After the above bar, we did find a happy hour bar serving wines for $3.25 which was the best yet, so I guess that was a bargain. It was time to hit the “Heart Attack Grill”.

The Heart Attack Grill

This place was really cool. It had a huge weighing machine out front. I weighed just under 200lbs and bec was around 140lbs, i felt like a right fatty. We went inside where you are given an apron to wear and a wristband saying you’re a patient. I ordered the huge hotdog and becs had the single bypass burger. Mine came and it was cacked in chilly and onions and mush. It was really nice just hard to eat! We were pissed when we walked in here after having several happy hour wines so it was funny to see us in the video we made hehe.  The only downside to the experience is when we gave the money for the food I was expecting around $5-$10 change, however the waitress never came back with it and was just standing around. When I asked for it she said she thought id said she could keep it (which I deffo didn’t do)..but she was friendly enough about it all.

The Bellagio Fountains and Mirage Volcano Display

I had read up on these free shows on the strip that happen around every 30 mins. The Bellagio was really cool. It did the full duration of a song. I listened to it whilst it was playing Shania Twaine – the way you love me baby. The thing you hear first are the explosions of what can only be explained as cannons. This is the pure force of the fountains shooting in the air. They dance to the music and it was very spectacular.

The Mirage hosts a Volcano show that’s in front of the casino.  This was is really cool too. Lots of fire which you could feel standing to the side. . and also tribe kinda music played alongside it too. It was great fun to watch. Both shows do get abit crowded but you can easily find a good spot to sit in,

New York Rollercoaster

So the New York casino has its own Roller Coaster. You see it as you walk past the casino on the strip. We had to go on it. It cost $14 each. When your cueing to go on you notice up close the rollercoaster is a long taxi. We chose to go on at night. The ride was great fun. It was actually scarier that alot of rides at Alton Towers. Its one of those that you think has finished, but it hasn’t!

The Luxor Hotel

So this was our place of stay. We were staying for 8 nights threw the Christmas Period.

It cost us around £21 per night. After we had dropped off the car at Vegas Airport, we got a taxi from there to the hotel. It only took about 6 mins and cost around $10. On arrival first thing you notice is the huge pyramid and Sphinx. The lobby area was huge. It was the biggest ive ever seen. Since it was 1pm check in was at 3pm and the lady stated that there was a $20 early check in fee, so I suggested me n Bec use that $20 for drinks at the bar instead and wait until 3pm hehe.

We left our bags with the bell service and continued to find one of the bars in the casino. The casino here was big too. Plenty of slot machines.  We sat down and this was when we noticed there were computer casino games where you sat at the bar.  We didn’t really know how to use them, however seemed simple enough. We put in a dollar into the slot machine and we played blackjack and poker which was 25 cents per go. This was the start of our gambling.  The hotel was great. Rooms had shower and bath separate, and had its own food quarters meaning you have your own Mcdonalds in your hotel amongst other food chains!

The Slot Machines and Tables in Vegas.

So the computer casino games at the bar were addictive. Blackjack and Poker were our games. Bec won $15 n I won $3. These machines were in all the casinos and they soon became addictive whilst having a pint J.

We got drunk one night and decided to gamble on the blackjack table. We both put $20 each as it was a $10 buy in. It was soon apparent that we kept winning. I ended up walking away with $50 and Bec with $40 so Bec doubled her money and I almost tripled it. We then hit the Sherwood Bar that sold the beer in plastic footballs as they were technically on the casino hehe. One night Bec lost some cash on the floor so I went on a blackjack table and won her most the money back which I was pleased about… however this winning spree was bound to come to an end soon and it did! Towards the end of our trip I betted on the black jack table and ended up losing $60 which was sad.

Getting Massaged By Water

So cruising around the Excalibur and we notice 4 machines where you lie in them and they shoot jets of water on you. We had to try it out. It cost $15 each for 15 mins. You lie down and then they close the top on you. Then you have a control. Jets of water then hit your body up and down – you do have a protective layer over you so you don’t get wet, however you do get sweaty. It was good, however after ten minutes you kinda get bored.

Bars and Clubs

There are lots of bars, however there are only a few that are worth mentioning as once again the bars here seem to cater mainly for food.

Tropical Bar – features decorations like it’s a desert island. Good theme and for some reason at certain points in the night a show comes on involving a women who gets on top of the bar thing and then slides into this huge tank of water (thats advertised as a cocktail tank). It was quite cool to see.

Bepo Bar – the place with cheap licker . $5 dollar wines and $2 Buds

Twin Peaks – Kinda like Hooters. Women who show off their boobs serve you. . oh and you can climb the wall.

Overall Vegas is an ok place to visit, however I really don’t see the fuss people make over it. Those who I know who have been n love it, have spent thousands of pounds in a few days and all they have seemed to of done is gone clubbing. I guess maybe I’m looking for more unique experiences rather than things that you can easily see at home. You have the Gran Canyon tours, the Helicopter rides, the over priced shows and the strip experience but it kinda stops there. Either way it’s worth the visit for 3 days as the hotels are amazing to see and so are the fountain shows etc.

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