Los Angelese – Long Beach

Getting there from Hollywood

We had been done over by our flight company…so we now had to stay in LA for a month as couldn’t change our flights. The cheap hotels were coming up at long beach. So we thought feck it lets see what it’s like down there. Now we caught to trams to get here (the red and purple line). The ride was about an hour and cost $3. On route you go through some dodgy gangster looking areas and then you finally get to Long Beach. Not knowing much about the place we didn’t really didn’t know what to expect. As we come off the metro there was a fight between 2 black men in the street. . . it was like “Welcome To Long Beach” lol. We were staying in the Hilton so a short walk away from the metro and we were there.


Long Beach In General.

To be honest I really liked this place in terms of feeling “Comfortable”.  It’s very clean. There is a free bus that goes around where the bars etc are. The area has a huge harbour and pier with shops and a place called “The Yard House”. This place does over 250 draughts of beer. Since I hadn’t had my favourite beer (fosters) for a while, I had to look in this place and luckily they did it. They also had a happy hour too so $4.15 for a pint wasn’t bad. This place also overlooked the harbour so it was a really nice place to chill and sun gaze.

Long beach is a pretty place. We never saw any trouble. We went around Pike Street which there are more bars and Wal-Mart etc and again no problems or gangs hanging about.


The Hilton – Long Beach

This place was nice… however abit too businessman like. It featured nice rooms however it’s not really by anything so in order to get to a bar or the place with food, you need to walk like 20 mins. We stayed here for 2 nights and then we used hotwire again and it booked us into “The Queen Mary” – this was a Titanic styled ship – so cool.

The Queen Mary Ship 

So off we trotted to the ship. You arrive and it seriously looked like Titanic. We checked in and our room was a cabin. It was surprisingly big for a cabin on a ship. It had 2 single beds in it. They give you a booklet that explains abit about the ship and your cabin. Apparently it was from the 1930s. The furniture in there was still from this decade. There was a pull out desk with a spot for the inkwell back in the day. The aircon was like a hole in the wall that got warm air from the engines and cold from the sea. The bath had 4 different taps on it – apparently they used to use them for salt water and normal water to bathe in.

Everything about this cabin was cool. The tv was shite as it was a small one but I cant mark them down for that.  The only issue with this place is that I got bitten a million times. I’m not sure if it was mosquitoes out by the ship (as I saw lots of fly things) or whether it was bed bugs.

I walked around the ship and saw the engine rooms and I sunbathed on the deck. This ship was great. Apparently it was on fact or faked as its haunted, however they proved it to be fake.


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