Madeira – Botanical Gardens

Cost: 11 Euros each

This place is pure beauty – even on a cloudy day! We got here by catching the 20/21 bus up the hill to Monte. Its the same stop for the church and Wicker Toboggan.

There are 2 entrances to this place, we used google maps to find one.  One thing we noticed straight away is the different paths you can go too. There are many things to see in this garden. One area we came across was representing an army of soldiers all stacked up next to each other. They were pretty awesome

We also came across a peeing cupid


There are lots of sounds of wildlife here and its very peaceful. There is even a stage where you can hop across the small pond on stones

Along me travels through this magical forest, I came across a spider web. I had to take a pic of it as its was friggin HUGE!! I tried to tap the web to see what “Lord of the rings” Style Spider would emerge, but nothing came out 😦



When you make your way to the middle you come across a cave where there are many bells in a circle. Ang made me try them all out , realizing they will echo the shit out of the cave, i did them gently but they were still loud haha, i tried to do a tune however it just wasn’t happening lol



The middle part of the gardens also feature the main waterfall and pond where swans swim peacefully. Its very nice in this section and many places to stand on different levels. I particularity like the small island in the middle.

Ang wanted to be artistic so managed to get a pic of me under a water fall ( ok maybe not actually under it but looking at pic you know what i mean 🙂


There are many areas representing other cultural gardens like Chinese etc. These are very pretty and have plants representing that part of the world which is nice.

It wasn’t that sunny today, as like most days it was cloudy, however this didn’t effect the beauty of this place.

Towards the top there is a cafe that gives you a free taster of Madeira Wine. You can choose sweet or dry. We had both. Its a nice finish to a peaceful garden walk.

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