Madeira – Cabo Girao


Cost: 5.50 euros return per person

Transport via: local bus

Journey Time from Funchal: 45 mins

Ok, so you can see this place as part of many tours, however I had read you can also get a normal bus there at a low cost. We purchased our tickets near by McDonalds. There’s a bus booth called “Rodoeste” where you buy your tickets from a man there. They only cost 2.75 each way and take you straight to the Cabo Girao drop off point.  We got on our bus at 13:30 at caught the 15:55 one back.


The bus journey was nice as there was about 4 people on our coach as its only really used by locals. We went high into the mountains where we saw the high vineyards and the scenery looked beautiful

When we arrived at Cabo Girao we noticed that there was hardly anyone here. This was the good thing about going on our own and later on in the day  rather than via a tour, as there weren’t crowds of people there ( we came here again later on in the week part of a tour at around 11am and witnessed crowds of tourists) . We approached the skywalk and it was pretty impressive.

We then did the moment of truth of stepping on it. Now I have been to placed like Willis Tower in Chicago where there is also a glass bottom , however this one didn’t seem as bad. The view from below is land and sea, so its quite surreal seeing part of the sea below you. Ang did it and was scared at first but you soon get used to it.

The only time we did panic was when this little shit of a kid kept jumping on the glass! Something his parents kept laughing at! Although this is strong glass, im sure it will remain stronger if some little fucker aint jumping on it grrrrrrrr

Anyways nice views from up ere. You gotta pay 50 c for toilets but she gives you a token you can then use in the coffee ship to get money off, so naturally we had one!

Whilst waiting for the return bus, we decided to get some artistic photos of us overlooking the sea


As stated before we did come here again as part of a tour as we couldn’t avoid coming here as the tour just included it. . . and when we did it was rammed full of tourists. It was horrible, we had a look at the skywalk and there was hardly anywhere for you to stand to get a decent pic, and you had about 15 mins here. We were so glad we got to experience this away from the crowds!




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