Madeira – La Vue

This was our 2nd stop. It wasn’t that far from Quina Da Fonte. We opted to walk it there. Now it stated on google maps it was 15 min walk..however it didn’t cater for the fact it was all bloody up hill!

We left Quinta , hugged the owners as they looked at us with that “crazy bastards” look in their eye as we ventured up the steep hills with heavy bags.

We had to keep stopping as this was seriously steep shit.

Once arrived, we practically collapsed into the garden gate. The owner was there and he greeted us.  He was a really nice French bloke. Now the first thing we saw was that they had a hot tub. You then venture around the side of the first garden where you are hit with AMAZING views.

We then made our way to the other garden where we saw our ONION TENT! NOw This would be our home for the next 2 nights


Now this part of the garden was very quirky. There were quirky signs everywhere , it was like a magical garden.

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We even had our own area under shelter with fridge n cooking stuff.  We were then showed to the breakfast area near to the tent that had an arch around it with trees overlooking their view. It was beautiful

The inside of the tent was really clean and cosy looking. Everything was there for a good nights sleep. We slept so well in this tent. You could sometimes here the sounds of Madeira such as dogs, the wind between the mountains, the odd cricket but we liked this. It was so high up in the mountains that not only the views were great but the majority of the time it was so quiet!

We met the other owner, his wife who then bought our 2 Madeira wines for us. A really nice touch.

Our shower was in an extension to the house which again was right on our doorstep to the side of the garden. This has gotta be one of the CLEANEST showers I have ever seen. We were expecting spider webs n all sorts since its outdoors, but no , not one web, not one bit of looked brand new ..oh and the shower was a power shower! Brill.


Breaky was beautifully presented. There were a selection of meats, fruits and the toast came in a teacosy kinda bag that kept it warm! Really nice. We sat in the garden on both days have breaky. No flies, just bliss!

The location was similar to Quinta Da Fonte. No where near the city center, however the busstop was again just 2 mins walk away from the place so no biggy.

One of the nights we went to a nearby restaurant for a a true Madeiran night, It was awesome, and when we came back the owners had put a tealights trail leading to our tent. Little things like this get a 5 star rating from me! It doesn’t take much to do , but is so thoughtful!

There was only one issue we had with this place…that we couldn’t stay longer. We would 100% come back here when we come back again!

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