Madeira – Levada Walk

Cost: 30 euros per person

TIP: Take hiking boots and waterproof jacket as at the top wheres there’s mist it is abit wet and cold. I did the hike in shorts which were fine!

So looking around Madeira we saw plenty of places offering walks all over various Levada spots. Which one do you actually do thow? We opted for the 25 Fontes walk as it was the most popular and you get to see the impressive waterfall you see on all the pics when you type in “Levada waterfall” into google haha.

Now many of these tours only act on certain days, so its best you go into a travel agent as you give them the day you want and they will see what tour acts on that day. We chose Sunday as figured less crowds so a the tour operator suggested we book with Emanuel. Id seen his posters around town so new he must be recommended.

Emanuel collected us from our hotel. He looked similar to Mr Bean , same height, similar face.. it was quite comical.


After chatting to him, it was apparent he didn’t really like tourists, especially since he was an avid walker and admired the beauty of mother nature. He hates places that are crowded which is understandable.

We joined a group of around 12 others and they took us to a really high peak with so much mist you couldn’t see around you.

We began our hike down hill to the forest.


Along the way Emanuel told us about various plants and what they were. This included a Dandelion that grew on trees? How weird. As we made our way down the mist started to clear and we could see more sites. Again these sites represented “Jurassic Park”. I was expecting a T-REX to come out and attack Emanuel at any moment – remember his vision is based on movement!!


Whilst walking we noticed Emanuel chirping like a bird. He was talking to the various birds around him signalling them to attack us, I mean approach us. He got out some cheese and instructed some of us to hold it in our hand. At this stage the birds flew into their hands and ate from it. It was pretty awesome. Ang was one of those lucky folk.

Once the birds were fed we headed further down the trail. Now at this stage I must mention there are alot of tour groups here. Each one with around 12 people in. This wasn’t an issue until we came to the aqua duct area. You are literally walking on the side of the mountain and there is only room for one group at a time, you cant really cross. This become awkward when having to wait for several tour groups to walk past so that you can step up on the ledge and walk over.

There are many small waterfalls here that lead into the Aquaducts. Some even had Trout in them that Emanuel proceeded to feed so we can see them come up.

Eventually we made it to the first waterfall which was very nice. It had a tunnel that went under it however that was closed.

We then made our way to the finale waterfall..that is 25 FONTES!! This place was sooo pretty. This is where we had 25 mins to eat our packed lunch. Me and Ang found a nice wet rock to eat our food taken from breakfast earlier. It was very nice here, and although this is where all the tour groups came for their lunch, it wasn’t too crowded as it was a big open space. It was very magical here and very pretty.

We then made our way back down hill where the minibus met us and took us to a bar for a quick Poncha before we went to Guesthouse. Deffo recommend this tour.

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