Madeira – Pirate Ship

Cost: 33 Euros per person

OK ok, So many locals will say this is not a pirate ship, but a replica of the Santa Maria boat, however lets me honest…it looks just like a pirate ship so i’m gunna stick with that!

I’m not gunna lie, this was one of the main trips I was looking forward too. I love pirates so was dead excited about this one. We approached the ship with our tickets and noticed the crew dressed as pirates. They welcomed us on board. Whilst waiting for others to arrive I had time to look around the ships quarters. This ship had 4 levels you could on. The top level is where so,me people had already got seats 9 there were only enough to accommodation about 8 people up there. We originally sat on the 3rd floor which was where the steering wheel was.

Also on board with us was a pirate dog! He was the meanest pirate of them all, but also cuddly!


I then suggested to Ang that actually it may be better to go onto the 2nd deck as there was more room on there and this was where the cannons were!


I decided before we set sail i needed a trip to the toilet…but where were they? I noticed a small hatch that was open that led to the lower deck…can you go in here i said to Ang,.. and then before she could answer I was down there!. I held on to the sides and worked me way down to the lower level


Once at the lower deck I stopped as I was hit with amazement as to how well decorated this place was! It featured a highly details map of the world, medals, wooden ornaments and even a manikin in a hammock! This was so cool down here as it was like being in a real like pirate ship. I found the toilets down here and they were ultra clean! Awesome

I then made me way back up onto the 2nd deck where we then set sail along the coast. Now it was only around 11am, however the sun was out so decided I wanted a beer. This was the moment I discovered the bar area! This place was uber awesome! It was all under cover and there were about 12 tables in this section all made of old wood. The surrounding had pirate hats, swords and all sorts of shark skulls etc to create effect.

However when I approached the bar I noticed they had an actual live parrot on boat on a wooden ledge. WOW, whoever designed this ship, designed it well! So details. I ordered me bottle of Coral beer (not included in price) and took it back outside.


When Ang shared me Beer, she did a pose that I kinda thought looked like a beer advert, so added me own caption n there we go..CORAL beer advert 2018!!


Now after the first hour or so the sun was shining and there was a nice section where I could sunbathe, so Sunbathe I did and it was lush!


We then chilled in the sun on the waves whilst being told about the history of the coast etc.

We came to a spot where we saw Flipper and his mates (Dolphins) They were doing flips n all sorts for us. They came right up against the boat and swam aside. Obviously it was hard to capture then on picture as they were so quick, however managed to get one or 2.

After an hour or 2 on the ocean it was time to sail back. At this stage they bought out Madeira Wine and Madeira cake for everyone. We had 2 glasses of the wine.. it went soo well with the Cake and it was all included in the money – hurrar.


This ship was a great trip. Sunbathing on the deck of an awesome well detailed ship was one of my main highlights of my time in Madeira.  I wished they did this in the UK ( I know there’s one in Whitby but you cant go below deck). The only thing I would have added to this trip was maybe abit of acting by the crew or even pirate music being played!  I love ships, but I especially like ones with parrots on board and canons!


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