Madeira – Traditional Folk law Evening

Cost: 30 Euros pp


So this is something that we did kinda last minute, as in the day before. There are lots of places advertising “Traditional Madeiran Evening” however noticed that there are actually more than one venue.

Now we were staying at “La Vue” which is a little on the outskirts of Funchal higher up the mountain and we found a website where they arranged pickup and the restaurant was literally 5 mins away ( we were contemplating walking it however there are very steep hills here and walking back would be a pain especially if pissed)

Ok so first things first. We knew we were going for a meal  so naturally we had to get dolled up… here we are dolled up.

Now a few hours beforehand this company emailed us with a picture of the car and also the driver (we thought this was a nice touch). I have to say this company was excellent at customer service as the person was emailing me back fast and we just paid the driver.

Anyways, we agreed to be picked up at top of our road from our Driver Terry. He was waiting for us in his freshly polished Black Mercedes. We felt like VIP. The car was a beaut. It wasn’t even a clapped out Merc, it was at least 4 years old. We cruised threw the hills and on the journey we were so glad we didn’t opt to walk as there were many hills and this would not have been an easy 10 min walk. We got there and Tezza took us inside and after a few nodds and hand pointing to the waiters we were sat down.

Now the restaurant was very quaint. NOt a large hall, but large enough to fit long tables in. This is what it looked like inside.


Now paying 30 euros each this was an all inclusive night out. So obviously we were gunna rinse it as much as we could. Now I asked for a beer and a water. Ang asked for a red wine. The waiter returned back with a large beer for me…and erm not any more glasses but instead a bottle of wine for Ang and a Huge bottle of ice cold water for us. It was now that we realized we were gunna have a good time,



Now the food started to come out. We were fed with our starters first which was a freally nice soup with shit loads of bread. Whist eating singers were standing in the middle performing for us.

It was now time for the mains. NOw the mains…. ahh the mains. They served traditional Maderian Steak skewers which are FRIGGIN amazing! They serve you them on these large skewers. Then come around with chips n veg. We had a skewer each and were really tucking into the amazing freshly flame cooked streak. It was so tender and melted in your mouth. By far best steak ever tasted.


Now we were pretty damn full at this stage but nooooooo the waiter came around again with more skewers…naturally couldn’t say no. So up they went another 2 huge skewers on our table. Needless to say we could not polish off these badboys.

It was then time for desert. Now throughout all this we were sinking into lots of wine and  more beer. It was pretty awesome.  We got chatting to a few Southern American guys on our table next to us. We then witnessed a women doing a famous song about a loved one.. it was said to be very emotional (it wasn’t sang in English, this is what the guys told us on the table next to us).

NOw at this stage all the dancers came on, including these really young girls. They then went around and grabbed certain people sitting down and got them up to dance. We all stood in a circle and did a funky dance which apparently the hand movements showed the famous work carried out on the island like Digging, sewing etc. Then one of the girls singled me out and one other and got us both in front of everyone. . . then proceeded to spin me around really fast whilst she held onto my hand.. very much like Jack and Rose did in Titanic when partying on the decks in 3rd class.  I proceeded to high five the small child as she was very quick!

The evening had now drawn to an end so we proceeded to say bye to our newly made South American buddies, and outside was our Tezza waiting for us. He took us back to the accommodation.

Now this night was 100% worth the money. I couldn’t see how they cut any corners. They were not scrimping, they gave us more than enough. The entertainment was superb and really felt authentic. On other venues I had seen them perform on a stage, which i kinda felt was abit theater like rather than traditional, where as this restaurant was away from Funchal and more in the heart of where the locals lived. It was superb!




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