Madeira – Wicker Toboggan

Wicker Toboggan

Cost: 30 euros for 2 people

Ok so this is at the top of the hill in Monte. We got there by taking the number 20  / 21 bus to the top where it stops off. You know your in the right place as there’s lots of other tourists there and its right next to the Botanical gardens. A short walk up the hill to the top of the church and you can see the Wicker baskets with the guys waiting for you in an orderly line.

The cues tend to be in the morning as this is when alot of the tours were, so we decided to go around mid day, and we didn’t have to cue at all and jumped straight onto one. You pay the guy at the baskets and then you jump in. You then have 2 guys behind you who are basically there to steer you and make sure you don’t crash. If you think these roads are closed off for this activity, think again! Traffic still use these roads, we had a taxi behind us part of the way down the track – but i think that adds to the experience.


The 2 guys then proceed to go in front of you and almost “launch” the basked with 2 pieces of rope. They then proceed to jump on the back steering you in and out of the streets down the hill. Id say you don’t really top 20 mph  so not that terrifying, however there is a part you go over a road junction however a guy at the bottom makes sure there’s no traffic so you slide over it with ease.


The whole experience lasts about 10 mins. Is it worth the money? Yes , Its a unique experience and tradition that’s been going on for years in this country so may aswel try it out. Maybe would be good if they got a local to chuck water over you or something along the way as your passing through to add to the excitement? or maybe i’m just to used to Theme Park Rides :0




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