Date: 21st Nov – 24th Nov

Weather: It rained abit however generally was warmish. It was about 14 Degrees Celcius in the day. 

So our 3rd stop backpacking was Memphis. We got a Megabus from Chicago to Memphis for 44 dollars each.  It took 10 hours.

The Hotel

The hotel we stayed in was the Econo Lodge Downtown. It cost £23 per person per night. Its literally 5 minute walk to Beale street which was great. Staff were cool and we were across the way from a Ribs cafe – BONUS!

Beale Street

I’ve heard all about this place however seeing it was even better. They close the street off with bollards. There were bars and blues music everywhere.. FINALLY we had found the music. You here Mouth organs, pianos and guitars everywhere. It was so cool here. We spent most of our time in the Rum Boogie bar as it had some amazing decorations in there. They had guitars from famous people such as Elvis and Sting and lots of dollar notes all over the ceiling. We met Joey who Bec got talking too. She kept trying to get him to try our accents. He was a funny guy. I also met Dawn who showed me pics of a tornado she had seen whilst working – scary stuff!  This is where I also met Vinnie the cool Blues singer and player! He told me how he used to drag race his 71 Dodge. NICEEEE!! Average prices here were 4 dollars a pint.

We went into the BB KING bar too however this was more pricey so deffo not gunna be our local.  We also saw duelling piano players but they weren’t all that and would only play requests if you tipped them – although they charge you 5 dollar entrance fee which is stupid. There were bands in most places. They were all amazing! Loved it here.

I also had a huge beer in an Irish pub. It was their local PBR beer.

One of my favourite nights here was when we went to Jerry Lee Lewis club that had a tribute band on. The guy was amazing! Bec said he beat Ben Folds at piano which was a big deal for her. I think when he started playing piano with his ass and leg it was game over. He was so talented. This night consisted of rock n roll classic after classic. I was amazed.

The Food

I tried rib tip which was lots of rib meats and chips with BBQ sauce. The ribs were abit dry for me but the portion was huge! I couldn’t finish it. Also tried pulled pork with BBQ sauce. This was amazing. Again the sauce was amazing!  Cost around 7 dollars per meal.

Sun Studios

This had to be done when in Memphis. The place where Elvis recorded his first song. Tickets booked at 12 Dollars each we were ready for the tour. They told you all about how a guy named Sam started his own recording studio. He used to go to Beale street and record up and coming artists. We got to go into the studio where the likes of Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison and Johnny cash have recorded. They have the same wall paper in there as back then. It was so cool standing there. We also got to hear recordings of Elvis messing around. Also I learnt how there was actually a band named million dollar Quartet which consisted of Elvis, Jerry Lee, Johnny Cash and Karl Perkins. They were kinda like a boy band. We heard the first song recorded by them! The final bit of the tour was getting to hold and have a pic with the microphone that Elvis used to record with in the studios. This was so cool.


From Sun Studios there was a free shuttle that takes you to Graceland where Elvis mansion is. It took about 20 mins to get there. When we arrived the shops had lots of xmas decorations around there. It looked so pretty. We bought our tickets there which were 33 dollars each. We then got a shuttle from the ticket office to the mansion across the road. We had ear tour guides. The mansion was so cool. You got to walk around his living room, chilling rooms etc. There was so much history here.

Outside you saw his stables where he kept his Horses. Again looked so pretty. As we ventured towards the end of the mansion tour you are then presented with his grave. He is buried alongside his family which was nice . It was so peaceful around his grave. A candle was burning at the headrest. It was actually quite an emotional end to the tour after learning all about his life. Seeing how his life progressed and then to his grave.

Martin Luther King – Assassination Point – Civil Rights Museum.

We walked here from the hotel. This place is the motel where Dr Martin Luther King got assassinated. You buy tickets for the museum which is across the road. They were 10 dollars each. The museum teaches you about how the laws changed with black slavery and then how Dr Martin Luther King came into the picture. The museum is in the same building as the motel where the sniper was supposed to have been. You get to go to the top floor where they have recreated the room that the sniper would have been in and you get to see the bathroom window where the sniper was supposed to have been when he fired his shot. It was so weird as you could see the Motel opposite where Dr Martin Luther King would have been standing.

We then got to go across the road to the motel and go up outside room 306 where Martin was standing at the point of assassination. You can look through the windows into his motel room where it was been left as it was. There is still cigarette buts and coffee in there. It was quite weird being able to stand outside the room he was staying at.

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