Minack Theatre & King Arthur

Month/Year: August 2017

Website: www.towerparkcamping.co.uk

Cost: £17 per person for 2 nights


So the summer was here, and so a road trip was in order. Frosty had told us of this theatre that was carved into the side of a cliff where you could see lots of different types of shows. It was in Cornwall,  so we decided let’s do this shit.

We all started out about 10am. We had me, Ang n Paula in our  mobeel, then Frosty caught us up in his TT .. Helen n Jay were making their own way there.  5 hours later we arrived at our campsite.



The Campsite

We opted to stay in Tower park campsite as it was central, and close to a small town with a boozer etc. The park was actually quite good. We chose to set our tents up in a “u” shape. This was the 2nd time me n Ang had used our tent , however this is the first time i had 2 new badboy additions… a Clock for inside and Solar powered Blue fairy lights for the outside! Oh yes, this was gunna look epic.

It took us literally 15 mins to set up our big tent. Frosty had his up about 5 mins beforehand. Jay n Helen arrived half hour later n set up to complete our “U”


All that putting up tents was thirsty work so we had to had a beer. Whilst chilling we saw a cloud that looked rather Penis shaped haha


It was getting abit windy here, and unfortunately for us we had positioned our tent facing where the wind was so it was quite violently slamming against the front, however our tent was pretty hardcore. It was getting on 7:30pm so Frosty suggested driving 15 mins to the coast to watch the sunset. We all jumped into the mobeels n headed off into the sunset (literally).


The Sunset

We chose to go to a place called Sennen cove beach. It was west-facing (which apparently you needed). We drove down this hill and it was quite a picture. The sun low down, small rock formations in the sea, waves crashing against rocks, it was a pretty awesome site. We parked up n all got out n got onto the beach. The beach was pretty huge , and it wasnt long until others started arriving to do the same.

The sun was pretty low so we decided to get some group shots n shit.


I was armed with a sunset drink of Fosters and actually managed to take n edit a cool pic of it with the sunset awww.



The sun began to drop and we got some amazing photos of it. It was a really nice place to view a sunset.



Once it went dark we decided to do some exploring, when I say exploring I mean “find the nearest boozer”. We found a place on the bay n had a cool refreshing local Cornish pint. Yum! We then headed back to the campsite…but how did you find your tent in the dark I hear you say? Well when we arrived it was the one shining like a blue UFO. The fair lights looked pretty awesome.


We then decided to build a castaway fire in our fire pit, cooked some food on the BBQ , had a few beers n hit the sack.

The next morning I woke up abit groggy as id been woken up a million times by the bastard wind against the tent! However this groggy ness soonturned off as i smelt the bacon n sausage Ang was cooking on the stove!

Breaky eaten we decided to all head out on our adventure. I chose to ride with Frosty. Our playlist of old school trance music had been selected, shades on , windows down… First stop LANDS END!


Lands end

Now on the way here its pretty cool as you see signs saying “The LAST INN in England” , which was pretty unique. We then arrived at the car park and erm £6 later we had parked n ready to go inside. I noticed you could pay an extra to have access to the 4d rides there (4 of them).. gotta say this place was a rip off..we didnt pay it but common £30? Anyways we decided to get some cool pics of the coast.


There was also a spot where you could pay £9 to have your town put on the sign here and your pic taken. Fortunately someone had come from our home town in a family, so we had a sneaky pic next to the sign with our home town without having to pay the £9 hehehe

Jay n Helen decided to have a stroll past the “THESE CLIFFS ARE DANGEROUS” and ropes and  have a walk down to the cliffs. I couldn’t watch as it was windy as hell, however they made it back safely. This was the end of our stop here at Lands end. If honest, not much to do here other than look at the coast , oh and pay £30 for 4 rides. . . still thow, it’s a unique place to go so maybe worth the £6 parking.

We jumped into our cars and it was onto our next desintation…St Ives.


St Ives

Ok so this place was abit difficult to park in, however we parked in a place called RFC parking. It was on a rugby club field. There was a shuttle that ran from here to the center of the town for £1.20, or you could just walk it in 15 mins. We chose to walk it as it was all downhill (however uphill obviously on the way back which did kinda kill us abit)

We arrived in the town and wow, there were alot of people here and many small shops. This was my first time here and it was rather cool. apparently theres like 3 beaches here. We waked on the coast. We got our fish n chips n then we all divided up. Girls went for afternoon tea whilst Me Frost n Jay decided to go to a boozer terrace as the sun was out. Frosty managed to get on the webcam they have there too and got his bro to take a screen shot of it at home haha. We got a few shots of St Ives.

I had a Vanilla Ice cream with clotted cream on top. It was weird as the clotted cream had a different texture to the ice cream, not 100% sure they went well together, but still an experience.


Kinda Yummy

We had a look around some of the quirky shops, but if honest there were so many of these, and we had tickets for the Minack theatre tonight so had to be back in time so we left around 5pm. St Ives was really pretty and if honest i want to come back, purely to test out the bars n see quirky shit here.  We then headed back and got ready to go to the Minack theatre to see TREASURE ISLAND.. ARRRRR


The Minack Theatre to see Treasure Island.

This was only 10 mins away from our campsite which was handy. Frosty had told us to get here 1 hour beforehand as its first come first served on seats. We had already bought them beforehand but they only allocate you an area, not a seat. We arrived and the car park was already filling up. Frosty couldn’t believe how early people must have got there. One thing that was looking good thow was the weather. It was clear blue skies.


Now we saw the sea and you walk down some stairs. The first thing you notice is the tropical plants here. Very pretty.


Cueing up you begin to walk around the coast where you can see a private beach opposite and the beautiful sea. We then heard pirates chanting and singing songs whilst we were curing. It was pretty awesome.


We got through quite swiftly, we got to the lower deck where our seats were and we were shown to the row where we could sit. The seats are hard concrete with abit of grass on them, You can rent these weird cushion things for £1, but we had bought in a few bags of goodies so had blankets etc. We bought drinks n snacks here.. they were not strict and allowed alcohol. We sat down, however first thing I noticed here was that it may be abit tricky getting up and out to the toilet as the toilet is all the way up the top, and the gap you’ve got to step around people s feet on the same row, wasnt that big.People were within 1 feet behind you with their shoes.


Now this theatre is pretty amazing. You have to admire the craftsman ship that’s gone into creating it. It was basically an outdoor theater with the sea as a back drop. It was really was stunning.


Also I noticed certain seats around the corner had names on them and had backs to them which looked pretty exclusive.


Treasure Island

7pm had come, and it was time for the show to arrive. I had never seen Treasure Island and if honest it was a pretty awesome story. The actors were really believable especially long john n the main kid in it (which I got told later on was played by a girl.. i was convinced it was a small boy). We had an interval of 20 mins half way through where i got myself a tea. We then sat down helped ourself to our biscuits n popcorn n then continued to watch .


The sun had set behind us(as this theater is east facing) and it was getting dark. The lights came on to light up the stage and the fighting scenes began to happen.


Now the show came to an end and it was really awesome, however the icing on the cake was that the Moon decided to appear slowly as the show ended. So you can imagine having this clear sea backdrop , pitch black and then suddenly you see a big green moon rising from behind the only cloud in the sky as they all start bowing to the audience. It was pretty epic as it created a reflection on the sea aswell.

We did try n get a photo, but due to lack of light it was hard.


We then walked through the CRICKET infested tropical plants and drove back to the campsite. This was a great experience, one I would deffo do again. Its was very unique watching a play with a sea as a back drop and only cost around £14 each – BARGAIN!


Tintagel to hang with King Arthur n Merlin

The Last day , we ate a fry up, packed up our shit and headed off to our last destination which was Tintagel to see the King Arthur town. Now on the way there, our satnav took a stupid route n we went down some really stupid roads.. I mean look how tight this road is.. so if you meet someone coming the opposite way its a right ball ache!


We finally got here and parked next to the St Arthur’s Arms pub. This town was pretty small, but very cool. It had lots of King Arthur style stuff around. We actually ate in a Mad Hatters tea party hall thing. We had tea, scones n jacket potatoes. Was only £4.50 for a potato with salad n shit. Was worth coming too.

We then went down to the castle ruins n Merlin’s cave. We walked down this steep hill to get there, or you could take a landrover down for £2 each but we couldn’t be arsed waiting for it. Now originally we said we would walk up to the ruins, however it was £8.50 each to do so so we chose not to do it (Frosty did at the end). We did however get to go down to the beach where Merlins caves were. Now this alone was worth the trip. I’ve never seen a beach with so many caves. We walked through a couple of them and you can either opt to climb up some rocks or you can just go half way in n then out again.


Jay n Helen climbed abit, the only thing on the other side was smaller pools of water. Any excuse to climb n those guys are there!

The beach looked awesome thow with the caves N Waterfall.


Once we had searched the caves and found no Merlin’s Potion we then chose to head back. Frosty went onto see the ruins on his own and to be fair got an awesome pic of the King Arthur statue.


This place was really good. The walk up back up to the town was pretty hard going on the knees as it was steep, but still worth it. I would actually bring the family here as i think there’s enough to do and see to spend a few hours here (i prefer it to lands end). Really nice n quirky town!


I realised when visiting Cornwal, that there is so much more to see n do. Im gunna come back here n maybe do St Michaels Mount n Penzance. My favourite experience of this mini holiday was Minack theatre, maybe due to how unique n surreal it was!



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