My Awesome 30th Bday – Party 1

Well I was now turning 30 – the age opening to the 30 – 40 year old bracket. The new chapter of Children / houses / marriage etc…

ahhhhh. I wanted to do something special for this. I was fortunate to have 2 lovely ladies organise 2 separate outings for me – my Mum and my girlfriend Becci. The first outing was organised by My Mum.  The second was a 50s fancy dress party organised by Becci – read about that [read here] .

My Mum was to arrange an evening eating and dancing at the Jam house – followed by an amazing Buffet breakfast for people who stayed over.

Date: 17th August 2013

Venue : The Jam House – Birmingham

Attendees: Me, Bec, Mum, Dad, Laura, Paul, Bob, Frosty, Dan, Kerry and Amy

It was a Saturday before my Birthday. Me and Becci were waiting on Beccis Bro Dan and Kerry who were travelling from Stroud to Wolverhampton for their first time. I had told them not to stop at any traffic lights on their way here as there wheels would be pinched – ha. They got there and we began the tour of the Healy household. I was then presented with a few bottles and cards from the Stroudens. Dan had bought me a pretty garden card that featured instructions as to where and how to place his card (basically said to bin all the other cards and put his card in the middle) – I must have miss read these instructions as it wasnt long until many cards swamped Dans card (DANS CARDS ON THE LEFT)

2013-08-17 16.02.26

My sister and Paul then arrived looking cool as ever. Once introduced to Dan and our Kezza, we all decided it was time to have a few drinks and get ready. Whilst doing this Bob (my best mate and fellow Buffalo) arrived and so did Amy. Dad had kindly bought a few bottles of Champas for the occasion and cracked them open. We did notice the champagne had a unique name however – hehehehe

2013-08-17 17.16.32

Now at this stage Bob stopped everyone and stated that for his Bday I made him wear a Birthday girl badge… it was now his turn to get revenge and  he told me I must wear whatever he had bought.. I agreed and out came some Hawaiian necklaces and bracelets – JEEZZZZZZZZZZZ i had to wear these allllll night

The mini bus came and off we went to the Jam House.

When we arrived at the Jam House we were waiting around for people and then Paul and Bec looked at each other and thought of GeoCaching. The reason they thought of this was due to us being next to a cemetery. Was funny to see how their minds were thinking of the same thing. So Paul looked at his Geocaching App and surely enough there was a Geocache within a few feet from us. Off we all went (including my Dad) whilst my Mum, Bob and Frosty were inside haha. We all searched for this Geo…With no look and with it deciding to rain we decided to head back to the Jam House as I think the others were wondering where we were…hehehe

We sat up the top over looking the stage. The food was awesome. 2 course meal for £26 and although the portions werent big, they were enough and EXTREMELY tasty! At the table funny faces pics were taken

My Mum had then arranged for the cake to come out. It was a fantastic cake that featured an old Cadillac and Route 66 sign (as i lurrrrveeee route 66 stuff). It was great. I blew out my candle and made my wish. It was then time to dance.

We all went downstairs onto the dance floor where the warm up band were playing.. and who was it playing I hear you say??? IT WAS DEANO BAPITSTEEEEEEEEE.. the guy we had met before there who is an amazing piano player and plays lots of rock n roll numbers which I love. We all got our corner and danced away to the likes of Hey Jude, Great Balls Of Fire and Tina Turner classics. Here’s some of our moves..and Deano on his piano

After ALOT of dancing, chilling outside due to it being sooo hot inside and trying to investigate what was a secret bar downstairs that was actually the fire exit – it was time to head home.  I do remember in the Mini Bus Bob asking the mini cab driver for a kebab and it just wasn’t happening ha. They also managed to get a sly pic of me in the back of the mini bus – DAMN THEM!

The next morning we woke up to this – a full buffet / bnb style breakfast. It was so cool. My mum had done a superb effort here catering for Me, Bec, Dan , Kerry, My Sister and Paul. There was Orange Juice, Quasons with jam and marge, cereal, bread , Bacon and best of all…wait for it… GILLS SAUSAGES!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhI was in heaven!

I was later presented with Becs / Becs Parents Bday cake which was a pear of old shoes and a piano (as i lurrrveee the piano) It was sponge and tasted very nice – especially with a cup of Tea. I had some great presents – mainly for my travels. My sister had done me a box of what was about in my year. They included stuff like National Lampoons holiday, The A Team badge, Pet Cemetery and so on. It was really cool .  Also at work Lucy baked me a “Fort” Style cake with lotttttssss of chocolate stuff on there  featuring chocolate fingers, whisper, buttons, chocolate sauce, icing and so on.

Here’s a short vIdeo of the experience!

Thanks everyone who came and made my first Bday party so amazing!

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