My Awesome 30th Birthday – Party 2

Well I was now turning 30 – the age opening to the 30 – 40 year old bracket. The new chapter of Children / houses / marriage etc…

ahhhhh. I wanted to do something special for this. I was fortunate to have 2 lovely ladies organise 2 separate outings for me – my Mum and my girlfriend Becci. The first outing was organised by my Mum. You can read about it here [read here]. The Second outing was to be arranged by Becci. She was to arrange a 50s Style Fancy dress party for us all down Stroud.  The owners of the Woolpack Inn (Mike and Jan) had kindly said we could have their bar to host the party.  This was going to be messy!

Date: 31st August 2013

Venue : The Woolpack Inn – Stonehouse

Attendees: Me, Bec, Mum, Dad, Glynis, Paul, Laura, Paul, Bob, Dan, Kerry, Mart, Kirsty, Bear, Gina, Mike, Nikki, Ramzi, Kal, Craig, Zaif, Kirsty, Mary, Bert, Sam, Jo,  Ellie, Joanna and Cockney Joe.

The day was going to start with us taking round some of the none Stroudens to my favourite bars in Stroud.  We were waiting for my Sister n Paul, Mike and Nikki as they were staying at Becs house. Bec was giving my sister and Paul her room. She had filled the fridge with Beer and chocolate and even bought Pop Tarts for my sister – why dont i get treated this good normally Bec? They arrived around mid day. Becs Bro Dan then followed suit and turned up. The last person to wait for was now Bob. He turned up and we were ready for the first bar.

Dan kindly took me n Bob in his pocket rocket Clio whilst Laura and Paul went with Bec n Mike n Nikki in their car.

The first bar was the Egypt Mill. I love this place as it features a cool duck pond, and its an old converted Mill. The sun was shining and the beers were flowing.  Considering this was some of this lots first time of meeting each other, they really did get on well. Conversations included “Shark Nado”, “How to put a shark to sleep” and how Jurassic  Park 1 still beats effects of today’s movies.  This day was turning out great so far:

The 2nd bar was the Ram Inn. This place I like as it has great views of the Cotswolds fields. I was loving the Ale here! The parents arrived (after getting lost several times – thanks SATNAV).  We got a cool shot of all of us on the wall and I dont remember much about the conversations here other than Mike saying he wanted some of my Grey pumps, oh and we were also attacked by a few wasps – my reaction is in one of the pics below. Once again had a good laugh here.

It was now time to go back and get ready. Bob, My Mum n Dad went back to their Hotel, whilst the rest of us chilled in Becs garden for abit with some drink. The girls then needed to go up and get ready in their 50s fancy dress outfits.  Me n Mike new it would only take us 5 mins to get ready so we chilled for abit playing the CATEGORY game and the category was “LAGERS”. We then went up and got ready.

Now my outfit was basically Danny out of GREASE. Black T shirt, black jeans, black shoes and white socks. I did some extra touches such as the cigraettes up the sleeve of the t shirt . Shades and a Tooth pick in the mouth. The wig I had already styled weeks before using WAX and a brush – the dangley strand of hair over the forehead was a must!

I walked into the others rooms at Becs and they looked amazing – Especially Bec whos Bum looked amazing in those tight trousers! Paul had managed to do his dreadlocks into a HUGE quiff which was ace. Me Mike n Nikki had our first cool looking shot of the evening.


it was now time to get our 50s asses to the venue to meet everyone else. We turned up and we went to the right side of the bar where people were starting to arrive. Everyone looked awesome. Alot of effort had gone into this.  Some of the outfits included Geeks, Gangsters, 50s Jocks, Frilly dresses, Quiffs, curly hair, bright cheeks and lots of cool 50s dudes. This is how people looked.

When everyone turned up it was time for a group picture whilst it was still light (ish)

It had been noticed that since there were a few Geeks mixed with cool dudes – it was only a matter of time until something was gunna kick off.

We then all departed outside where food was served. . . lots of SAUSAGES, CHIPS N TOMO SAUCE on a tray! A tray was placed on 4 benches. My bench had lots of lads on it and we CANNED it within seconds. We soon moved onto the next table hehe.

With our Appetites pleased, it was now time to go into the right side of the bar that Bec had also arranged a DJ for. I walked in and there was balloons , blow up guitars and banners everywhere!. This banner was rather unique to me n Bec 🙂

The DJ was ready and so it began. The next few hours involved constant requests via the DJ. We were dancing to 50s rock n roll and Indy when all of a sudden i thought “shit i havent requested any Irish tunes yet”.. so off I went and the likes of Whiskey in a jar, Galway girl and Wild Rover were played. We all stamped our feet and clapped our hands to these.  We then requested old school rock like ACDC and Whitesnake. This is when Paul (Sisters Husband) got on the dancefloor and did some serious guitar playing. There were many “who can play the best guitar” competitions going on here – even my Dad gave people a run for their money! Heres some of the guitar pics.

Now I said to myself at the start that before I get too pissed that I must get lots of group photos. I wanted 50s style rock n roll shots of the lads (like Grease) and ones of the girls looking pretty.  This is how they turned out!

I was loving this DJ. Everytime id go up with a request he would play it straight away! I kept getting handed bacardis and Lager from all directions.  It was time to go outside for some much needed fresh air. I sat on a bench and noticed everyone coming outside together. . A PINT of horrible looking shite was then plonked on the table in front of me – I knew this was only one thing – The Stroudens Birthday Dirty Pint Present! I took one sniff and could smell the Sambuca. I tried a swigg and nearly chucked up – this is where Jan the owner came over and gave me a bucket! Ahhh I knew I wouldnt be able to do this as I cant down shit.. so I tried to lure Mart to help me out (told him he down half n i would – although I had no intentions of doing this HAHA). He did and then I tried another swigg and just couldn’t do it. Kal then helped out abit and then as I thought I was doomed … my Mum then grabbed the rest and downed it.. YES MY MUM! I knew I would never let this down however how cool is my Mum? – She was rather pissed to say the least!

After this it was time for more dancing…

I dont remember much towards the end of the night however I do remember trying to convince LandLord Mike for a lock in which just was not happening haha.

We got into a cab and I K-Oed in bed! This day was SUPERB. This was a great turn out and everyone who came really made this evening special.  I loved everything from chilling in the pubs in the day to living it up in the 50s at night! Thanks Bec.

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