Performing Rock n Roll…this time with WIND!

So the twas me first time performing this year and what better way to do it other than a Peaky Blinders themed event.

When I turned up I was greeted with a mob of Peaky Blinders in the carpark, All looking mean with their flatcaps…This was gunna be an awesome night!

Straight away I noticed how alot of people made the effort, including the women.  They all looked great with their 1920s style hats n frocks.

Now I had already performed with James n Katie at other events however this time We had Rach the Violinist who was great! We added her to some of our Peaky classic songs.

Now before we were due to perform, another duo who were part of a group called “Kals Kats” were performing. They played trumpet n Saxophone. Straight away i noticed they were playing to bluesy style music so knew these were my kinda guys.

We did our set and performed classics like “Red Right hand” and “Dont sit down cuz i moved your chair”. It all went down well.

Towards the end of our set we spoke to Kals Kats Duo and decided it would be interesting to all try and play the rock n roll classic “Hound Dog”. We had never performed all together as a group so naturally anything could happen, n although not perfect, it was alot of fun! It was deffo the highlight for me as id never played piano along that many musicians before.  Was a great night. Here was part of our performance and below are some pics from the evening! BLINDIN NIGHT IT WAS!



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