Phuket 2014

How Did We Get From Bangkok To Phuket?

We flew. We got the flight for £20 via skyscanner. It was only an hours worth of flight

Phuket In General

This place is similar to Bangkok only less tall buildings and a beach. Again something about this place that almost feels as if it should be dodgy and unsafe however isnt. Even when your pissed, on your own and trying to find a way back to your hotel on a guy with a scooter still you probably wouldnt have any issues. This place does sell better clothes n goods than Bangkok thow.


Patong Beach

It aint nowt special. Sunbeds are like 100 bahts each for the day. People come around trying to sell you stuff, however you can drink on this beach and lots of people come around selling alcohol like Singha Beer etc.


Bangla Road

So this was the main place where all the bars were. We came here on our first day whilst waiting to be able to check in in our room. We went to an Irish bar where the beer bottles were sold at 70 bahts each. There was free pool for customers and a toilet (which in Bangla road is rare for a bar to have its own toilet for some reason). We later met an Ozzy couple named Mel and Nick who were great and who we hung out with alot whilst here. That first night was a blur!

This road is full of bars. The most bars in fact I have ever seen anywhere including the likes of Ibiza n other party towns. I mean Im talking main street, alleys, on top of other bars..and some of these bars aint small there huge aka the go go bars. Lots of offers on beers anything from 70 – 80 bahts in happy hour, which is normally 12 – 6pm and then it goes up to around 150 bahts per drink.

We played connect 4 and the wooden jackpot game here with the barmaids. They did try n bet drinks however we declined lol. This street is fun and at night is lit up with lots of Ozzys N Brits all over the place. Fair play thow as there are some cool bars with cool themes here like Tigers etc.


Thai Boxing Match

Cost: 1400 bahts pp

So whilst in Thailand you gotta watch a Thai Boxing match right? So here in Phuket they have a cool stadium that outside has lots of Tiger statues all over the place. We walked past one day and the guy by the ticket booth was selling tickets. He started at 2000 bahts and then I haggled him down to 1400 each for ringside seats which was cool. Here’s the stadium:


We also got the Ozzys (Mel n Nick) to come with us. So at 8:30pm we arrived and walked up the stairs to the arena. Basically it was like a school hall with seats n a ring in the middle. We chose to sit in a good position on ringside n then took a Selfie.

Then the first fighters came on.. now this was abit of a shocker as the first 2 fighters were about 7 years old. Now aint being funny but there was an element of me that thought “should I be watching 2 7 year olds kick shit out of each other” however luckily there was no blood shed and it was over pretty quick for the more older guys to come on.

Now the rest of the fights were ok. A man would come along n you could place bets. Nick did this alot and won alot too. Basically you get double your money if you win. Atmosphere was good – you had all the families n the odd old Thai guys shouting at the ring.  Guys would come along selling beer too which was cool.

Now the end match was probably the best. It was an Ozzy named Jack and a guy from Iran. Jack came in prancing around n we didn’t fancy his chances, however he won n since this was a championship match he got his belt back. Jacks end kick that he did to the other guys face was good n clearly powerful as it sent the Iran dude to the floor. Go Jack!

The overall experience was a good laugh. To be honest thow kinda miss sold as we saw the poster advertising the night and it had a Brit on there, and other white guys however they never fought, so whats the deal with that? To be honest thow I guess I wanted to see Thai guys fight since its Thailand n all. Deffo worth the experience.


Monkey Cave / Elephant Riding / White Water Rafting / ATV Driving / Zip Lining

Price: 1500 bahts (£30) pp

Duration: 7:45am – 5pm

So our first day in Phuket involved us visiting travel agents n picking up lots of leaflets to do. Bec noticed one of the leaflets advertising all of the above in one day.  The price was originally advertised at 2,500 bahts however when I spoke to the woman she said it was now 1500 (weird) however we were delighted with this as paying £30 for all of the above is one hell of a bargain!

So the day came. We were collected via mini bus in the morning at 7:45am. We had also convinced the Ozzy couple to come with us too since their amazing n that. We collected Mel N Nick along with other hotels and off we went. The journey took about 1.5 hours to get to the monkey place.

Monkey cave was so cool.Unfortunately the weather was shite..proper raining down alot so one of the first things we had to buy was a bloody Poncho! Monkey cave is basically a huge cave with lots of wild monkeys climbing on the outsides and hanging around by the entrance. We didnt go inside the cave as we only wanted to see the monkeys (plus you had to pay to go inside). The monkeys were running all over the place. We got some nuts and bananas and were able to feed them. Since there are no health n safety in place here, the monkeys could jump on you and eat out of your hand n all sorts which was really cool. Mel had a monkey on her shoulder. They would literally just run over to you and grab the nuts from your hand. A few of the monkeys had babies underneath them too which was cute!

So the next stop was for the elephant trekking. They took us into the jungle where there was this camp for activities. This is where we would be doing all the rest of the stuff. So we were told to wait on this platform where we saw lots of baby elephants. Me n Bec were last to get on ours. They have a seat on the top so Bec got on first and then me. It kinda does rock abit at first when you sit down. The elephant driver then jumped on the elephants head ready to guide him n off we trotted. We followed the other 6 elephants into the jungle. That alone was really cool. We went down muddy rocky hills and into muddy water. To be honest it did hurt me back abit as you kinda either gotta dangle your one foot over the edge (in which case you keep touching his ear) or put them on his body..but the only issue with that is there top of there neck isnt that big so hard to fit 4 feet on there.

The only bad part of this was when our elephant stopped to look at the floor and didnt respond to the driver which then caused the driver to hit it with this stick with a hook on it. Bec didnt like this at all however luckily he only had to do it once. It does seem cruel in that respect but I guess they have to control them in someways and we did kinda know all this anyways.

The heavens really opened up on us whilst riding so then we were given umbrellas by the driver whilst we rode. There was a stage where the driver offers you the chance to be the driver and he gets off.. we didnt do this thow as normally stuff like that dont work for me n no matter how much I shout the animal never listens. So off we trotted back to camp where we got off and got ready for the next activity.

The next activity was white water rafting. Now I have always wanted to do this. Now we all had to take off our flip flops and bung on some life jackets and helmets.Our guide did scare us abit by saying your not aloud to wear ponchos as WHEN the raft capsizses…WE WERE LIKE WHEN?? we dont want it to capsize lol.  Bec couldnt come with us as she had hurt her toe from a few days ago and didnt want it to get wet and infected so she stayed at the camp. The rest of us bunged into the back of this truck and went to the river part.

Now we all got off and had to stand around with this hardcore rain pelting down on us and it was abit colder that normal. We had to wait for the rafts to come. Finally they turned up and we noticed this slope into the river. The guides then walked down this rocky part down to the river. They wanted us to follow. Bare in mind we were bare footed too, and this was hard going on your feet. So we got to the bottom, and then they wanted us to walk into the actual river so that we could get into the rafts that had been slided down this slope into the river. Now this for me was the most difficult as you couldnt see where you tredding as the water was really fast and powerful. So most the time i was on my hands and knees. Finally got to the raft where I dived into it along with Mel n Nick haha. We noticed that there were like straps where you could put your feet in to stop you from falling out. You also had ropes that you could hold onto. The guides got in too and off we went.

We had lots of times where the boat was full of water and it was amazing. None of us fell in and it was great fun. Wished I had a GoPro for this moment. To be honest it was only 5km so lasted about 10 mins however I think this was a great way to ease you into white water rafting as then you can decide if you would like to do a longer tougher one. I mean there were small kids doing it aswel so wasnt that bad, however wasnt really lame either it was about right for my first time.

Adrenaline pumping we then went back to the camp and met up with Bec again. She told us that apparantley they had cancelled anymore whit ewater rafting due to the weather after our group left, so we were really fortunate! It was now time for Lunch. We had a buffet style dinner between us 4. We had Thai soups and currys and chips. It was really nice and easily enough food for everyone – again this was all included as part of the deal so even more of a bargain!

It was now time for ATV driving. Due to it seriously pissing it down they made us sign a form that basically said if you crash / break / injure anything then its not their fault and you will pay for any damages! Form signed and off we went in the rain. Mel sat out on this one, so it was me Nick n Bec. Me n Bec got on one n Nick was in front. Now the quad was obviously drenched to fuck. We all went single file and followed the leader. Now our quad had no brakes. They were there, they just didnt work and I found this out when I crashed into the back of Nick haha. The guide came over and said I need to pump the breaks – which was dumb and he said you can have my atv so we got off it and went on his which was alot better.

We went into the jungle, down muddy rocky hills…water everywhere. . . threw a small river…it was awesome. Now these ATVS were in shite condition. Even thow my breaks worked now, they didnt work that great. When going down the small rocky hills the breaks kept squeeking and not really working that well. Nick did a few 360s since there was alot of mud n rain about. We then cruised back to camp.

Last activity was zip lining. Now Bec had always wanted to do this. We all cued waiting to be harnessed in. Harness on we then had to climb the stairs to the tower where a guy basically cliped you onto the line and then said “dont grab the line, just the harness” then pushes you off . Now to be fair it wasnt very high or fast but all the same was fun enough. When zipping towards the other end I noticed my speed getting fast and there was a guy waiting there to catch you, however I kinda wacked into him and into a tree haha. We then had to walk threw elephant shite and mud with flip flops on back to the other side. yuk!!

We then went back to the hotel. This was an amazing experience. It was worth every penny.  I would of paid more for this day. It was amazing and one of the best days I’ve ever had. To think back now as to how much we did in one day is amazing.

Later on that night we all went out and got fecked (again) since it was the Ozzys last night, We met them in the Irish bar (where we originally met them in the first place), played killer pool then caught a tuktuk with a great stereo system in it to a place called Dolphin bar. This tuktuk ride was so comical as we were all raving in the back to the tunes down the street! Dolphin had a small ice bar that served Tequilla rose shots. It was bloody cold in there but bloody great fun as you can tell by the below pic! ha! Love that Ozzy couple!



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