Playing at Peaky Blinders Event

Date: 9/10th September 2016

Venue: Black Country Museum

Event: Peaky Blinders


I have been playing piano for along time and performed in front of people in boozers etc, however this year my goal was to get a paid gig..not only did I manage to do this, but I got to perform at one of the best events this year.. The Peaky Blinder Event at The Black Country Museum.


Since the show is filmed at this museum, they had an entire event around the show. I was asked to perform on the old pubs piano for around 4 hours. I got together some ideas for songs and then figured I needed singers. A few conversation / pints later and I had James and Katie on board!

I came up with a playlist of songs featured in the 1920s and on the show.  The final songs I chose were:

– Red Right Hand

– Do I wana know

– Dont Sit Down Cuz I moved your chair

– What He Wrote

– Amazing Grace

– Danny Boy

– Black Velvet Band


We practised and then finally it was game time. Since it was Peaky Blinders themed event, we obviously had to get in the mood by dressing up like characters in the show / 1920s. Flat caps on, shirts nice and snug, and pocket watches wound up.. it was ready to go! The first night had arrived and we made our way to the museums pub on site. We arrived and I got used to the vintage piano there.. alot different sound to my modern one. She was a beaut!

Candles were all lit and bar staff were at the ready for the crowds. We even had time to take a few photos beforehand looking hard!


Another band were also playing on the courtyard area so we liased with them to start at 7pm and we then went on at 7:30pm.. and did a set every hour!  The other band were great.. however they didnt have a vintage piano hehe .

Our first set arrived and we chose to add abit of role play to our sets. I was known as Jack Tranter, the brother of Frank who had just came out of prison and who had found out that I had been taking a little “too much care” of his mrs Molly. He wasnt happy as he arrived in the room and saw us flirting over the piano. After a few scuffs, and Molly calming him down, we all sat down to play our first song.


We changed the order of the songs each time. My favourite was amazing grace, mainly cuz this was the tune the audience new and sung along too, and also James and Katies voices went so well together. It was a beautiful song!


The best performance that we had for me was when we played the theme “Red Right Hand” to mark the end of our gig on night 2, and we had everyone in the pub singing, banging tables and clapping to the music. Everyone really got into this song and was a great atmosphere! We had banter with the crowds, lots of drama and great songs. Each set we did was great fun. We had some great videos and pics taken too with the parents and Ang.


The Rest Of The Event

To top it off in between sets we got to explore what else was going on at the event on the huge grounds. We witnessed shoot outs, Lookalikes, Horses used on the show, barbers  doing 1920s, real life boxing, clay pigeon shooting and lots more. This event was epic! There was over 2000 people per night at this event and I would say 85% all made the effort to dress up in 1920s gear. They all looked fab!


Me and me Dad got some shots looking mean by the steam engine…


…oh and also snagged a photo with Alfie Solomon!



And to top if off got to have a pic with the parents around the famous “tea table” scene.



This event was soooo good. Everyone really enjoyed themselves, and for me this was a perfect way to pop my cherry with my first paid gig.  Another goal ticked off the bucket list 🙂








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