Route 66 – Texas to Area 51

Weather: Austin was windy and rainy and abit cold. Light snow was on the ground in Texas. The further West you got the warmer it got. Temperatures went from 10 – 20 Degrees Celcius. 

So Austin was our last stop via bus and the route to Las Vegas  was to be done via Car. Click here to read about our hiring a car experience.

Day1………………………..Route66……………………..Austin to Amarillo…..

Amarillo (Texas)

So we drove from Austin to Amarillo which took us about 9 hours in total. The roads were easy enough to figure out.. it was just driving with alot of nothingness either side.

We arrived and stayed at the Motel 6 West. It cost us $52 in total which was really cheap.

The motel was ok. Basic but ok.

Day2………………………..Route66……………………Amarillo to Tucumcari …..

The next day we hit the road to visit The Big Texan Restaurant. It was only 5 mins away.

The Big Texan (Amarillo/Texas)

This place you can see off the highway as its bright yellow and has a giant bull outside it. This place is famous for its 72oz steak that Man Vs Food guy completed here.

It was really windy when we got there. First thing we noticed were the restaurants motel rooms to the side that looked that they were from a Western Film – pretty cool.

We walked in and sat down. The decorations are so cool. Its a huge room with a balcony. We noticed the table at the front where you have to sit if you do the steak challenge. We watched Man Vs food whilst in there on the phone as it was free wifi. Theres a 60 minute timer above the table that counts down as you eat the steak. If you eat it you get it for free, otherwise its around 72 dollars.  Looking at the menu we spotted an all you can eat buffet breakfast, then noticed served up until 11.. it was now 11:20am L

They served lots of types of steaks etc but I wanted a Brisket sandwich. Bec opted for the Steak Sliders which were like mini burgers. The meals came. The Brisket did not disappoint. The flavour was bbq but so smokey – it was delicious. I couldn’t polish off my steak cut chips but Bec caned the lot – hungry bugger! We paid 11 dollars each per meal. Well worth it.

Coming out the restaurant there is more inside that includes a bar, a shooting range, a gift shop and an outside courtyard that had lots of Kittens in it…rather cute.

The next stop was 6th Avenue in Amarillo which was the historic route of 66. It was only 5 mins away.

6th Avenue – The Historic Route Of 66 (Amarillo/Texas)

At first this route looked deserted so we cruised further down the avenue and eventually it changes to lots of old style shops either side of the street. They are mainly Antique shops. Lots of route 66 signs etc. To be honest we just drove by really slowly as there was nothing that caught our attention enough to get out and explore.

Our next stop was the Cadillac Ranch.

The Cadillac Ranch (Texas)

Cruising out of Amarillo along highway 40 we had read that this place was just off the highway. Luckily for us it was already in the Garmin Satnav as an attraction so took us straight there, but you can see it anyways when on the highway and the highway aint that busy and just farm fields either side.

We saw the Cadillacs from a distance and pulled up onto the side of the road. There is a fence. You walk threw the fence into a farm field up to the cars. There was only one other person there. It was windy.

On the way we both forgot to buy spray cans however I had read that people leave their spray cans there so I told Bec this and sure enough as your walking towards the cars there are LOTS of spray cans lying around. It was a matter of seeing which ones had paint in them. We found quite a few different colours.

This site was so cool. There were lots of Cadillacs half in the ground with peoples art sprayed all over them.  Me and Bec both went our separate ways here to do some kick ass art. I first had a red spray can which was ok, but not the best over the existing dark colours.. I needed something lighter.. i searched and I couldn’t believe my luck.. I found a white can! This was perfect. I then sprayed white and used a black can to spray  my families names. I also did my best mate Bobs.

I also climbed one of the cars and had the photo taken. Really good time here.

Our next stop was the Mid Point Cafe

 The Mid Point Cafe (Texas)

You go off the 40 highway onto the historic 66 road again.  This road takes you down a deserted road where there are a few shut down shops and a cafe. This cafe is called Mid Point cafe. This represents the middle of Route 66. There is a sign where you can have your photos. This is also where you see Route 66 signs printed on the road. There is also a cool old pick up truck that has peoples names on it.

Our next stop was Glen Rio

Glen Rio – Ghost Town (New Mexico)

We took the exit off to Glen Rio however this led us to a visitor center. I went inside to ask where the ghost town was. She told me it was on the opposite side of the highway. We went in the car drove down 3 miles on the highway and then went off at the next exit and went across the bridge and went back on ourselves down the opposite side. Sure enough we saw another Glen Rio sign and followed the signs. Straight away the road changes to what seems like a deserted path. You cruise down the road and you see the old buildings and cars that have been left. There is a woman who lives here and we saw the house that says NO TRESSPASSERS. I was eager to get out and have a look around however I had read that there are dogs there that chase people so we opted to stay in the car and take pics.  Lots of smashed windows and a few old buildings.

Next stop was a motel.

Blue Swallow Motel (New Mexico)

Bec had read great reviews on this motel and stated people on Route 66 stated this was a must. We turned off the highway onto one of those small towns with a few shops and a million motels and we saw the Blue Swallow Motel. It features an old Cadillac outside. Bessie the dog (a golden retriever) greeted us and after stroking she led us to the reception where she kept looking around to make sure we were still there. Reception we were then greeted by Kevin (well trained dog lol). The guy showed us around the rooms. Since this was built in the 19302 – 1950s they have left all the decorations as they were back then. The rooms are really vintage. Theres still old tiling on the walls, old fashioned heaters etc. You even have your own garage. This place was so cool and at $65 in total it was a must.

The owners were husband and wife Kevin and Nancy. They were really homely. They stated in the morning theres fresh coffee and ENGLISH tea..and home made muffins – I had to try these.

Me n Bec went to a supermarket for some wine and found huge bottles (1.5 litre) for 9 dollars – amazing. We got 2 bottles and chilled in hotel room whilst watching Love Actually.

The morning came and we had a great nights sleep. Bed is so comfy. I went into the reception where there was PG TIPS – HURRARY!!!! And the homemade muffins were small but oh so tasty! I had a chat with Kevin about old cars and the place whilst stroking his amazing dog Bessie who kept pawing me for more fuss lol.

We were sad to leave this place as it was so cool. Would love to come back here in the summer with biker groups or car enthusiasts.

Our next stop was the Route 66 Auto Museum

Day3………………………..Route66……………………..Tucumcari to Grants…..

The Route 66 Auto Museum (New Mexico)

This place was a must and a chance to see my favourite car – the 69 Mustang.

We arrived to a empty car park. We walked up to the doors and there was a chain and padlock around it. We checked the opening times and it said it opened until 5pm and it was now 11:30am. . luckily a woman turned up in time who was one of the owners. She let us in and was telling us how dead it was this time of year.

We went in and paid our 5 dollars each.  There were just over 30 old classic cars here. There were some amazing cars here. I walked around n there I saw 3 old mustangs in a row. The 1969 was one of them. They wouldn’t allow you sit in them but they did have their windows open so you could see inside. There were some great Corvettes there too, one of which was for sale for $25,000 which I think is great. Spoke to the lady owner who stated they have a garage where they restore these classics and swap them etc.

This place was well worth the visit and a nice way to spend an hour

We pulled into Grants where we stayed at the Travelodge here. It had a pool and a huge bathroom in the room. We got this for $60 in total – BARGAIN.

Next stop was Arizona

Day3………………………..Route66……………………..Grants to Arizona…..

We got on the road and headed towards Arizona. It was clear blue skies again.  We needed food so whilst in New Mexico we stopped at an all you can eat Buffet where I tried Macoroni and cheese, Meatloaf (actually really nice and meaty), Pot Roast (basically just a roast joint) and buffalo wings (they were spicy and salty). It cost us $11 dollars each with a drink.  We then hit the road again.

On our way we saw a place that said you could feed Ostriches

Feed the Ostriches

This place was weird but cool. It was kinda on a dirt track so had to drive slowly. Dotted around were man made dinosaurs with humans in their mouths..and also a school bus on top of the rocks with a women in it – weird. Pulling over we saw the huge Ostriches. They wandered up to us in their pen. We noticed 2 signs that made us laugh – one that said “Feed the Ostriches” the other said “we are not responsible for any accidents” hahaha. We didnt feed them as it was just a tube that you put the food in and it cost $5.

Back on the road we then headed towards the Meteor Crater.

The Meteor Crater

Getting off the 40 highway there is one huge road that just leads to the Crater Visitor center. When we arrived there was no sounds.. PURE SILENCE!! We did wonder how can they monitor a crater, surely theres a spot you can see it for free – but no as theres only one road that leads to it and thats via the visitor center.

We paid our $16 each and headed into the small museum that teaches you about Meteors.

This crater was over 50,000 years old. We went outside where all the look out points are. It was rather impressive. They send astronauts to the center of it to practice for moon craters. They have placed an American flag the same size of the moon down there with a astronaut cut out. I managed to get a photo of it using my amazing zoom 🙂

The sun was in a shite position thow so not the best photos.

We then went back on the road and cruised to Flagstaff where we stayed in the Quality Inn here. It cost us $28 each – bargain! It had a pool and hot eggs and sausages for breakfast. Flagstaff was alot busier than previous small towns we had stopped at. There was snow on the ground alot more here and ice too. We spent the night watching Naked and Afraid as there was an unseen episode on – we love that programme.

Day4………………………..Route66……………………..Arizona …………………

So today we headed towards the Gran Canyon.  We chose the South Rim as it was easy to get to off the highway 40. We joined the 64 and this road is bloody long! We purchased our tickets which were $25 for both of us. You drive up the visitor center. There was still abit of snow on the ground here, however this did not damper our spirits. We made it to the ledge and WOW the view was amazing. The canyon was so BIG! It was beautiful. We had lots of pics taken here. Really worth a couple of hours.

We then headed towards Kingsman where we settled into the Knights Inn for $60 in total again. Great day.

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