Salzburg / Austria

Month/Year: April 2016
Flight time: From London to Salzburg= 1.5 hours
Weather: Cloudy but when you had sun days it was hot (20 degrees)
Cost per person: Flight: 54 Euros / accommodation: 170 Euros  = 224 Euros


This was our first time to Austria and boy was it a good trip. We started our journey arriving at Salzburg airport…

Hangar 7 – Redbull  Museum

When we first arrived in Salzburg airport we kinda new that there was a hidden attraction there. It was called Hangar 7 and was  where many Red bull Memorabilia is shown off in a museum. We didn’t know its exact location at the airport so had to ask a lady at the info point.. however even her instructions got us lost. We had to go out the airport turn right then head down a main road that eventually led to a tunnel . We had to then walk through the tunnel and turn the first right. Now it was sign posted, but again very easily missed as didn’t state “Redbull museum” just stated Hangar 7. We bopsed down this road alongside the airport and then came to the main entrance. It was a glass building so straight away we could see the contents inside.


We then walked inside and were greeted by a lady who stated we could get free tickets. She took our luggage away from us and gave us free tickets. We then walked around it. Now this place is only small, but houses some of the best cars / planes that have won certain races. Take the Grand Prix F1…There was the car that won the Grand prix several times in their raced by Sebastian that was really cool to see. There were also planes and land speed cars showcased here. This was a good first place to go to as don’t take long to walk around, and its something different.


The Hotel

This hotel was situated in New Town. It took us about 10 minutes walk to get to the old town where the bars and main shops were.

I had asked for a room with a view, however normally the hotels ignore this request however these didn’t. This room had an amazing view. We were in room 506 which was the top floor and on the corner. Our views were like a 180 degrees view of mountains. It was so beautiful waking up with nothing but mountains out your window and blue skys… Oh and the sound proofing here was excellent. There were road works out the front of the hotel and we could not hear a thing in this room.  This was our view

hotel (2)

Breakfast was like 12 euros each and was cold meats, cereals, cake and tea. If honest I think for a cob and cold meats and a tea its kinda expensive, so me and Ang went out to the nearest Spa and bought cold meats, bread and cheese for 11 euros. This did us for 3 days so saved on cash …oh and the room had a fridge so we could store it in there J



The Salzburg Card

So I’ve come in contact with these kinda cards before where you pay a certain amount for these cards and you get free things like transport and attractions within a certain time period. We researched this first just to make sure the things that were included were actually things we wanted to visit. It turned out they were. We worked it out how much it would cost us without the card.. and to be fair the card did save us money. We purchased one for 72 hours for 37 Euros.  We purchased this from the tourist information office near the statue of Mozart. There was a right grumpy woman in there, fook knows why she was so grumpy, but seriously didn’t wana help at all.. but still we got what we wanted n bounced like a ball! It was off to our first attraction free with this card…

salsburg card

The Panorama Museum 

(Free with Salzburg Card)

This was literally across the road from the tourist office so off we bopsed into this museum. The Salzburg card is activated from the time you use it so we used it at mid day so meant we had it until mid day 2 days later. This museum is very small and basically gives you a small history as how this city looked years ago.. the finale is a 360 degree small room that someone has painted a 360 view of the city. It is impressive. I like the added touch of placing telescopes in the rooms you can zoom in on the painting parts. This place is nice, however you don’t really spend more than 20 mins in there unless your really into history of how it used to look I guess. Still, may aswel give it a try..It was now time for our next free attraction…

Weihnachts Museum AKA The Chrismtas Musuem 

(Free with Salzburg Card)

Now im a huge fan of Christmas and when I saw this on the leaflet I just had to go! This place is across the street from the above Museum. We did originally come on  Monday, however this place is not open until Wednesday so had to come back.  This place was abit misleading at first as the front looks like a cafe (which it is) however it did also state the museum name at the top.


We bopsed in there and presented out tickets. We went upstairs and turned right where we began the tour. This place featured lots of old tours and history about Christmas. To be honest alot was in German so hadn’t got a clue what it was talking about,however you kinda got the gist whilst looking at the display units. One section I did find interesting was the Krampus Section. Now I had never heard of this guy until the film was released last year in 2015. Apparently his a creature who steals Children who have been bad and tortures them? Now this is why I liked this museum as normally with something like this you would see all the happy things that come with Christmas, however when you actually look back at how it started, traditions were not so cheery as they are today and did involve certain myths. Krampus is scary L

In the other room there is a display of how a traditional “Christmas Room” would have looked back in the day. It featured a piano (yay) and a tree and old decorations. I have to admit, I did feel like opening the door and going in there as it was very inviting!

There was also a cool display on how markets looked back then n I guess still to this day…it was cool oh and also a signing book which we had to sign!

The finale of this museum was the Christmas tree in the display unit in the hall of mirrors. If honest I thought there may have been a display of differently decorated trees to show how times have changed..however there wasn’t.. there was only one tree, but hey with the wall of mirrors it looked kinda cool. Ang took a pic as wanted to clone me!

Overall this Museum was nice. It was quite small, so again only about 20 – 30 mins is needed in here. In my eyes it could have been done better . I didn’t really feel “Christmassy” in here at all as the display boxes are set out very “Co-operately” and stylishly rather than homely. Maybe this would have looked better if the rooms were done out like a house? So your still showing things off in cabinets, but they are amongst decorations, and props seen in houses.. only reason I think this is cuz I think Christmas is associated with family  / together time n all that stuff.. so would have created a better atmosphere I guess.

The Petersfriedhof Cemetry

(Free with Salzburg Card)

Although this sounds kinda weird as it’s a cemetery so why would you want to visit it?? Well this was one of those places that were featured off the beaten path so had to try it out. We found it easily by following signs towards St Peters Church. This place is very beautiful.  It was so nice walking around looking at how much care has gone into these graves and resting areas. So many colourful flowers and birds chirping away. There were also sections where families were buried together that were closed off by gates. Each section could feature something unique to that family. The graves were very well decorated.

We then went into catacombs which normally were chargeable but not with Salzburg card. You walk up these dark stairs into the mountain where you see the resting places of certain people including Mozarts sister. One thing I did notice was the amount of people engraving their names into the rock at the top of the stairs – why you would want to do this Im not sure..kinda desrepectful really but hey. You get to overlook the cemetery too admiring how beautiful this place looks.

We then walked back down…on the way out we could hear lots of where was this coming from?


Stiftsbaeckerei St. Peters Bakey

We walked around the corner to find a big water-mill wheel. This is where we could hear the water coming from. I then noticed an amazing smell of freshly made bread.. it was the Bakery! Now this was no normal Bakery, this Bakery is the oldest in Salzburg. You walk down some stairs and to the left there is a baker in their selling his bread. He was abit of a moody fecker but still we got some bread off him for a euro which was bloody nice I tell ya!! It was buttery fruit bread! Very nice!

We then bopsed up the stairs and then onto our next free attraction…


The Fortress

(Free with Salzburg Card)

When we first arrived in Salzburg via plane, this is the first thing you notice. The fortress overlooking the city. Very impressive! We caught the cable cart up to the fortress. This alone is quite cool as you get to see a view of the city as you go up this cable bus thingy.


When we reached the top you can then walk around the fortress. Now this place is rather big. We started on the outskirts. We got to see over the city which was very beautiful.You really felt like you were back in the olden days waiting for battle amongst these huge walls.

We then made our way to one of the tower sections where you have an audio guide that talks you through how the fortress used to look and how it has changed structure since then. That was quite cool to see.

We then found this really cool cafe that featured amazing views of the mountains. We had a cup o tea here and admired the view.

We then  looked around the rest of the fortress in the torture rooms etc. We came across a really cool display of a battle. The people were made of metal and things like spears etc were hung from the ceiling by string. This took us around 2 hours to do everything. It was a nice experience. We then headed back down to the village.

Boat Trip

(Free with Salzburg Card)

I had read that there was a boat that went down the river however in our first days we were in Salzburg we never saw one go down it.. which was odd. I found out what the cruise was called in the booklet and then asked a local who pointed me in the right direction. The boat was moored along the river on the new town side. To be fair I saw teh boat moored there alot, just never saw it move.  We got our tickets for free at the ticket office then waited in line. This boat travelled once an hour from 2pm. Whilst cueing we noticed like a million school kids come stand in the line (oh great now we got all these little shites on board with us) must have been a school trip.


Anyways onto the boat we got and sat down next to the window. The captain was English and placed 2 chosen people at the front and gave them captain hats – there was a reason for this that you will find out in abit.

We then travelled up the river where we saw a few celebrity houses, and snowy mountains and learnt general history about the city. We then turned around and headed back. It was a very hot day, and although I was interested in what was being told to me, the sun and sitting down in a boat without an open roof kinda made me tired..zzzzzz

Now the best part was at the end where we stopped by where we got on and the captain then said “now theres something that I can show you all now that normally I can’t and the reason is because there are no other boats on the river” he then said “Have you ever seen a dancing boat?” He then proceeded to get the 2 chosen  people with captain hats to hold onto a fake steering wheel and then he placed some music on the tannoy (Mozart) The boat the then proceeded to spin 360 slowly with the captain with his hands up in the air indicating the chosen 2 were steering haha. It was so cool. He then changed it in the opposite direction and then moored. I know its silly but I love stuff like that thats unexpected, and to be fair never been in a boat that can spin 360 several times in a row before haha.


Hop on Hop Off Bus – Lakes n Mountains

( 23 Euros pp)

One thing you notice when you walk around is that there are many different tours you can do in this place. Anything from Salt Mines to mountain viewing. We really wanted to see some good scenery, and the weather was really nice the last few days we were there. After debating lots over which tour to do, we then decided we wanted to see lakes and mountains so we chose a “HOP ON HOP OFF” tour bus.  This took you from Salzburg and kinda went in a circle around several different places  within an hours drive away from the main city.  Now one of the places was called “Wolfgangsee”, which also had a lake next to it so we both agreed that we would get off on that stop.

We set out at 2pm and the skys were blue. The bus had audio guides that told you about several places on the way. 45 mins later he driver took us to a look out spot where we stopped off for 5 mins to take photos. It was beautiful here and you could see a lake in the distance.

We then hopped back on board and a short while later we were in Wolfgangsee


Now the first thing we noticed when dropped off here was that they had cable cars that took you to the top of what looked like  a very high mountain. Now we hadn’t read about this, nor heard about it. We were glad as one of the things we wanted to do was a cable cart up a mountain and the local one to Salzburg was currently down for maintenance, so we were so glad when we found this one.

Cable Cars (25 euros pp return)

Now this was nerve-racking for the both of us as the cable cars go really high up. We got in.. and it wasn’t long until the views started revealing themselves. Pics had to be taken. Now it wasn’t that bad in the cars, as the ground level kept changing as you go up, so there was never a time where you looked down and felt you were really high wasn’t long until we started to see Snow on the ground. It was then we new we were nearly up the top!

We got of f up the top and yes it was cold, however only when there was wind. The sun was out and it was bloody hot at times I tell ye. Up top we saw several routes that go in different directions where you can hike around the mountains etc. We chose to go to the look out spots. They were a short walk up. Now when at top the views were outstanding. This was the first view we saw it was breathtaking!


We walked up the path abit more where we came across snow on the ground. I belted Ang with a few snowballs and blamed it on other tourists. She got me back later with snow down the back (should have known). The next look out post we found was facing the opposite direction and this was yet another but different beautiful view! There were mountains but with snow on top. This was so beautiful

So you had a mountain here that one side you had green fields, mountains and Lakes, and the other side you had snowy mountains. I don’t think ive ever seen that before.  We admired the views and then went walking along another path. To be honest I loved how there were lots of paths leading to different viewpoints. This view point was probably my favourite.

There were also benches placed all around the place up there so you could sit down and take in the pure beauty of this amazing place. Now before we came on this trip, we nipped to Spa shop and bought us some sandwiches and crisps to eat in Wolfgangsee. There was a really nice picnic spot on a bench overlooking the snow mountain side, and it was  at the back of a buildings meaning you were shielded from the wind meaning I had pure sun on me . I tucked into my Ham and cheese sarnie, baked chrisps and sipped on fanta whilst amazing the view. At one stage I turned to Ang and said “listen to that”. . it was pure silience! So peaceful.


One thing that did make us laugh was the amount of Chinese people running to get their photos taken. You would be sitting there in pure silence then you would hear someone running lol. I’m not sure why they were running as they would just run , stand for a photo and then walk back lol. Another thing that made us laugh was even though we were so high up, they still had free WIFI up here haha. We then chose to head down the mountain and see abit more of Wolfgangsee.


Once off the cable car, we wanted to make it down to that lake we saw up top. Now we kinda just followed the streets down in the village. One thing I also admired here was their houses. The houses here were typical “Asutrian” looking houses and they were so pretty. One thing you don’t realise with a picture is their pure size. They are huge houses  I loved how each house here was different from the next. Each person who owned them added their own personality into them. This place would look awesome at Christmas!  There was something comforting and cosy about this place.

We made it to the lake and found a Jetty that was free so we dumped our shite on the jetty and dangled our feet over the edge. The view…well the view was yet another amazing view…a Lake and mountains in the distance…this was a perfect spot for couple photos J

It was time to get back on the coach (it came every 1.5 hours). We headed back. We did stop in another town but only for like 10 mins. If honest it was hard to top what we had just saw. The coach then returned us to Salzburg. This tour was amazing. I didn’t expect it to be as good as the others as you don’t have a guide as such, but Wolfgangsee was so pretty with the sun, mountains, lakes, greenery and amazing creative houses. I would love to go there again, but maybe at Christmas to see how this small town came alive.. I bet it would look awesome! When we got back to Salzburg we found a bar along the river and celebrated our great day over a pint!



I’m not sure this is a huge “bar crawl” kinda place but there were some cool bars. On the river front there are 2 Irish bars. We only went in the day and they were pretty dead, but still could imagine would be a good place to be at night. Beer prices were actually quite good. Talking anything from 3.40 – 6 euros a pint.  There was a bar we stumbled across on a Thursday night where there were Salsa music being played. This had people who obviously took lessons testing out their skills with other partners on the dance floor. Was cool to see and we had to have a crack!

Now there was one gem that we found that by far is one the best places to drink ive ever been…and that was called The Augustinerbräu!


The Augustinerbräu Beer garden 

We had read about this place online and people recommend it but wow, when your there its great. There are actually 2 of these places 50 yards apart from each other. The first one was more in the town side and had a good-sized beer garden and it was there we had our first drink (not knowing at this stage there was a 2nd place). We asked what beers do they do, and they stated only one type, so naturally had to taste this badboy. We had it served in a 0.5cl stein and it was a nice beer. We got chatting to the barman who then told us that there was an even larger place around the corner that served till later.

We chose to test out the other place during the day on another day. So on the last day here we wandered to the 2nd Brew house around the corner from the other one. The place was huge. It was a giant factory looking place. The first thing we saw was the open  beer garden and boy was this huge. Never seen one as big. There were benches amongst oak trees that you could sit. Again it was a sunny day and I love beer drinking when its sunny so Ang said “you get the beers in Ill go get us a good sunny spot” so off she went.


Now to order a beer here you have to go up to one of the guys on the desks, tell them what size and pay the money. In return they give you a receipt. One thing I loved about this place was the price. It cost 3.40 for a 0.5cl stein and 6.40 for a 2 pint stein. Thats a bargain! You help yourself to your own stein from the cabinet and you then have the option of swilling it out with these taps that are attached to like a huge sink.


You then take your receipt up to the guy with the keg who then gets your Stein fills it up and slides it back at ya. Job done I went to find Ang. She had a great spot where the sun shined straight through I was in heaven.  The beer was lovely too.. so so nice!

Now another great thing about this place is that they have food stalls inside. When I say Food stalls I mean MEAT , CAKES , PASTRY, CHIPS THE WORKS!! The smells of Beef, pork and so on were amazing. I didn’t actually eat here as I was in the mood to session and cant really eat if drinking straight away, however Ang had a craving for a cream cake. Yum!

The combination of great beer, served in a quirky Stein, amongst lots of locals , in the sun, with plenty of food available was what made this place great. You could buy souvenier steins here for 5.50 euros for the pint stein. You would occasionally hear tables cheers together which was so cool to see. I would deffo come back to this place. Only thing that was missing was a band, but hey im sure they have these every so often. Place was mint!



We ate out at a nice Italian, and an all you can eat Chinese Buffet, however the one that’s stuck in my mind the most was this traditional Austrian food bar.

Die Wiesse Restaurant

We were recommended this by the guy at the hotel as its only 2 minutes away. He told us there are lots of locals there. We gave it a try. We had to ask for an English Menu as we just could not work out what everything was. I had fired sausage and potatoes and cabbage and Ang had Sausage and pretzel.  Now I still don’t understand sausages in Austria as we both had different types of sausage however they tasted exactly the same? Angs did arrive in a bowl of water which did confuse us. We later discovered that your supposed to suck the meat out the sausage rather than cut it up? Either way we ate them with knifes and forks. They were ok, but kinda were just like hot dog sausages so not sure if they were worth the 9 euros we paid each?

Market day on Thursday?

So Thursday seemed to be market day near the flower garden. Lots of locals hang out here. Lots of meat stalls … and so many sausages. Oh and it seemed that the local brew houses served food alot later on this day so yea Thursday is the day to look out for.


Mozarkugel Chocolate

No I had read about this before I came. Someone recommended it on the list of things to do in Salzburg. It’s basically a small ball of chocolate and marzipan in the middle.  I read that it was best to get it at Alter Markt street…we found it in the local coffee shop they’re selling at 1.5 euros. We tried it. It was ok..personally prefer Lindt chocolate but hey. We did then notice that this chocolate is sold practically everywhere however this one shop in Alter Markt is where they have produced then for 150 years so guess its only right to buy them from there?



Personally found them expensive. I like steins and in each store they sold lots however they were  like 70 euros – way over my budget!… Magnets were expense in alot of places too.. you’re talking like 5 euros for 1 magnet! I went in a store in new town and got the same magnet for 3.40 euros.


Salzburg in General

This place is very clean. Theres no rubbish on the floor and its very colourful with bright green grass and flowers. The air here is very fresh and this place is very peaceful. There were many times we would walk out when it was dark to the nearest boozer and admire the fortress on the top of the hill overlooking the city all lit up. We would look at the view on the bridge across the river – it was beautiful. This place is amongst mountains too so very picturesk on a sunny day. We always felt safe here. Theres a cosy element to Austria that I found. The houses here are so nice and traditional. I love the wood they use and there different colours to make their houses unique from each other. This place is one of those, where it would be great to visit when sunny so you could admire all the beautiful greenerys, lakes and colours the scenery has but equally good to visit when it’s in Christmas period / Snowy period. I can only imagine what this place looks like with snow. I would love to be in Wolfgangsee when it snowed around Christmas. Such a nice small cosy town! Would love to come back here!






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