San Antonio

Date: 5th Dec – 8th Dec

Weather: It was cold here. Around 10 Degrees Celcius in the day and around 0 Degrees at night. 

San Antonio In General

This place seems to be the place where there’s lots of attractions, however when we arrived it was a different story. There’s not much to do here. The below are what we did. I did find the my favourite restaurant themed place ever thow. This was the Jungle restaurant that I’ve spoken about below.  The other bad thing about this place is that all the ATM machines charge around 5 dollars to withdraw which is so expensive. In terms of safety this place is great. We didn’t once feel threatened etc when wandering the streets at night.  The people here are friendly.

Ripley’s Haunted Ride and Museum

They have a Ripleys believe it or not here which is the Guinness World Records museum and they also have a haunted ride. We bought a ticket that did the museum and the haunted walk threw. The haunted bit was quite cool. It was one of those where you walk through different rooms that are dark and decorated with a horror theme, and there’s actors that jump out and run after you. On closer observation thow there was only 2 actors in the entire ride. One fat guy just kept running around in the background to the other rooms and jumping out at us.

Cost: For museum and haunted ride it was $28

Bars and Clubs

The river walk hosts bars like “Howell At The Moon” and “Dicks Last Resort”. The below are the bars I liked the best.  There doesn’t seem to be much of a nightlife around here. Probably only around 3 decent bars.

Coyote Ugly Bar

I’ve been to the one in New York and we stumbled across this one. We went there around 2pm and as soon as you walk in the barmaid was on the microphone announcing that we were walking in. From then on there were games etc that we played. We met a couple named Jason and Janet who were from Houston. He was a redneck and this was Janet’s first time drinking after several months. They were both really cool people. The barmaid made me play a game of musical chairs with 3 other guys. When you lost you had to do something. I had to put a TEXAS cap on and run around the bar saying “I love AMERICA”.  The bar started to get full after a few hours and then more girls came and danced on the bar and got people to do things etc. Jason and Janette left us later on to go back to the hotel, but not before Jason cleared our tab which was really nice of him.

Later on we met another couple names Dakota and Bethany. He was in the army. They were cool. The barmaids made Bec and Beth get on the bar and start dancing with them. It was a great night here.

The Jungle Bar

This place was on the river walk. We heard the sound of jungle animals outside it and could see trees inside so we had to go in. This place is amazing inside. There’s 3 floors. Each one is done out like your inside a jungle. There’s trees and animals hidden amongst all the tables that you eat at. Some of the animals move aswel. There’s also waterfalls amongst the jungle decorations. This place has been thought out well. I think it’s my favourite themed restaurant so far J

The River Walk

The river runs under the city. There are lots of walkways to take you down to the river. It’s actually really pretty. You walk threw a hotel where the river continues through and then you get to the area where all the restaurants are etc. There are huge trees that hang over the river and they are done out in Christmas lights at night. This really is a pretty place to wonder across. There are 3 stories of bars and restaurants either side that you can see, and also bridges so you can get to the other side of the river.

The Hotel

We stayed at the Travel lodge hotel on Broadway Street. This was our first proper “motel” style place. It was cheap and in a great location. The motel itself was ok I guess, aslong as you aint too fussy. The issues with it were that the metal latch on the door was broke and the housekeeping don’t knock before they come in. They didn’t understand English as told them no Housekeeping and the woman proceeded to come in and change my towels whilst I was there. They were rude to just storm in without knocking! The breakfast was simple. People were cueing up for the waffle machine which took 2 mins per waffle. . they really should get another machine.

Cost: £20 pppn with breakfast

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