The Place In General

Before we went to Singapore, we heard that there was alot of fines and the place was very clean. We arrived and to be honest we had to stay in a more “market” kinda area as the majority of hotels here are expensive. The area we stayed in wasnt rubbish free n was abit more run down. When we went to Marina Bay (the business area) there were lots of tall glass buildings etc and it was very clean. Singapore is a safe place. People are nice n friendly here. You get lots of Indian guys here who do like to constantly just stare at girls, however you kinda get over that. Im not sure I could spend more than 4 days here due to lack of things to do. I think its a nice place with unique statues n buildings, however I rekon you wouldnt need long here to see all the main attractions etc. Food here was normal. I purchased it off the market bit. Coming from Thailand it was very similar to the foods they did on their markets so nothing new there. In terms of being expensive, it wasnt that bad. Transport is cheap. Your talking anything up to $2 for a one way several trains ticket. Food from market cost was £2.5o for a takeaway. Accomodation is more expensive in most places, n Im guessing booze is too, but in terms of attractions etc I wouldnt say it was expensive at all.


Getting Here – From Phuket – Singapore

We got a plane, flying with Jetstar. It cost us £50 each direct. Phuket airport was a joke. Checked our luggage 3 times before we got on the plane. Flight time was around 1.5 hours. From airport we got a taxi to our hotel which was around 20 mins away for 20 Singapore Dollars. The reason we did this option instead of the City Bus was cuz the bus costs $9 each so together that would be $18 n that dropped you off in the center where as for $20 you got dropped off at the hotel via taxi.


Marina Bay Sands

So the first day we were here we decided to get the metro train to Marina Bay. Luckily for us theres a station called “Marina Bay” so we knew where we were heading. It only cost us $1.70 each way to get there.

As soon as we got off the station we walked for abit and Bec said to me “how we gunna know where it is” n literally a few seconds later I said “oh there it is”. . it was to our right in the distance.

Now I have always wanted to see this place as its been voted the best Infinity pool in the world and lets face it…any hotel with a huge boat on top of it has to be seen!

We didnt go inside, however we didnt need too. I had read that you need to be residents to take advantage of their pool, n to be fair it costs a bloody fortune to stay there so we chose not to do that option.

It looked very impressive thow I must say. The structure, the size were just amazing. I couldnt take enough photos of it from different angles. There should be more hotels like this!


The Merlion

So whilst around Marina Bay area, I could also see a white lions head spurting out water from its mouth in the distance on the river. I had read up on this and Knew what it was…it was whats known as a “Merlion” aka half lion and half mermaid. When up close there were lots of tourists around it. It was rather impressive. Since it had a huge jet of water coming from its mouth, people were doing the hole “waters going in their mouth” kinda shots…so naturally I had to do one where im looking like Im making him barf










The Merlion is an impressive statue. I like how it over looked the river and you can see the impressive Marina Bay Sands hotel in the background. I managed to get some good photos of them.

Singapore Zoo + River Safari 

Cost: $50 (2 park hopper- Zoo +  River Safari)

How we got to the zoo : We used the Metro train again. We had to catch around 3 different metros to get to the Ang Mo Kio station. This is the closest station for the Zoo / Safari. It cost us around $2.70 each way pp. We got off the metro n there was a sign saying “catch the 138 bus for zoo”…we then followed more signs to the bus stop. We finally found the 138 bus stop. It didnt take long for it to come. It cost $2.10 each for the journey n it was the last stop on the bus.

We got off n straight away saw the huge Zoo. Now you also have the night safari and River Safari next door to it which was cool. We walked up n noticed you could purchase different park tickets. So there was a ticket for the zoo, a ticket for the river safari n so on. We bought a 2 park hopper meaning we got both the River Safari n zoo for $50 each. The reason we wanted to do the River Safari was cuz there were PANDAS there..ohh yeaaaaa!

They do give you an option of purchasing a small boat ride in the River Safari for $5 each that basically gives you a small tour in one of  the sections…due to the cost we bought 2 tickets n off we trotted.

The River Safari was great. It featured several different areas that were devoted to different rivers. It featured the River Amazon, Congo, Nile, Ganges, Murray, Mekong and Yangtze.  The river then determined what species of animals were in that river section. The Amazon had Pyranas n Manatees in it. There were some amazing fish in these sections. I loved this as a theme n the tanks were nice n BIG!










It was 2:45pm it our boat trip had been booked for 3pm so we went to that section n waited. The boat trip was basically a theme park ride. Me n Bec were at the front n I noticed a sign saying “SPLASH ZONE!”..I was like what the hell???? so when our log flume boat thing got filled up we then went along n first thing that happend was it went down a shoot n splashed you – it was a small splash however fun.

It then took us around the small section where there were animals either side of you along with a commentary voice from the speakers telling you about the animals. We saw a few spiecies aswel as a Jaguar which was cool. The ride didn’t last long..about 10 mins however was worth the £2.50 as it was a cool idea..I told Bec it reminded me of the Jurassic Park ride in the film only without the Dinosaurs!

It was now time for the Pandas!!!  Bec loves Pandas n I have never seen one nor had she, so this was a cool moment for both of us. Now there were 2 Pandas here. We walked into the area and straight away saw Kai Kai the Panda. He was chilling in the tree looking very lazy. He was magnificent!  Such a nice cuddly looking creature. We took a selfie along with about a million other pics of him, Unfortunately the other panda named Jia Jia was very shy n was in a room with CCTV in it so you could see her. A sign stated she was alot more shyer than Kia Kia – awwwww, HOWEVER still managed to get a pic of her on CCTV lol.

Now the next park was the Zoo. We went next door. Now then to be honest I aint much of a zoo person as I think there all the bloody same. This one was no different really as ive been to a million zoos so saw all the animals already. They had the likes of Rhinos, tigers, lions n polar bears in there which was cool, but again not my cup of tea however would be great for people new to zoos as this was a huge zoo so many different types of animals in there.

We could have done the night safari at an extra cost of around $40, however didnt really see the point as again Id just be seeing all the animals ive already seen before – only this time in the dark!

Personally I think the River Safari was alot better than the zoo as its more imaginative. I loved the different river areas n of course seeing Pandas was a great experience!

 The Trick Eye Museum

Cost: $25pp

Whilst we were in Thailand we had heard about this museum there, however since we never got to go to that one we were fortunate to have the chance to see it in Singapore instead.

We got there via metro.  There is a separate island called “Resort World Sentosa”. This features all ya Universal Studios, Trick Eye Museum n other attractions (however having to pay $4 just to get on the island via monorail is abit shite).

The museum was easy to find. We got in there and the first room featured lots of weird things to have your photo with. The idea behind this museum is that the pictures n props are placed in such a way that when you have a photo taken it looks like you are part of them..i.e part of a painting etc. The first room had lots of stuff in it, however there were just too many people allowed in the museum which meant we felt rushed having to have pics taken with things.

The museum is very clever. I’m a great fan of the likes of Ripleys Believe it or not museums, so stuff like this is really cool. The good thing is that they have a picture of how you should pose n how it will look once the photo has been taken which is cool…and helpful as some of the pictures are painted 3D meaning you have to position yourself in the right spot for it to look real (otherwise you look like a pleb).

We got some great photos here. It was great fun.You can pull lots of wacky photos to set the mood. My favourite pic was being pulled up by a mammoth from the edge of a cliff. It was so cool!




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