Staying in a Converted Train Carriage

So we went to York for the day.

I love unique accommodation so I manage to find this place called The Sidings Hotel in York.

This place featured converted train carriages with beds n all sorts in them.

We arrived at this hotel..which is about 20 mins away from York. We pulled up only to see many train carriages. It looked awesome.

We walked into the main lobby area to be greeted by a barman, and a lobby fuoll of train memorabilia. Now we are not train spotters or anything (although I feel Ang loves them ) but this place was amazing. There was old vintage memorabilia everywhere. Bit of trains etc.

The barman gave us our keys and took us to our carriage.

The room was great. You walk inside and there’s a double bed, windows and even a TV. You look around and you can see how the owner has gone through trouble to make this look and feel vintage with props  from trains around the room.

The bathrooms were great. Shower was powerful and all worked fine. I was actually surprised as to how comfy the bed was too. Very sturdy and loved the shelves at the side of the bed so you could put your phone / cups on there. Sure there were signs of age related marks and the odd bit of mould around the windowsill, but I thought that added to the authenticity. I booked this as I love vintage things and want to experience true vintage style. I would of hated this place if they added too much luxury as it takes that authentic feel away from it.

Once we settled in the rooms we went to the bar. Loved this area. Everywhere you look there is train memorabilia. Now i’m not a fan of trains, but as I said I love oldy worldy, vintage things so this place was great. We asked the barman what time they stopped serving alcohol and response was “when the last person orders” which for us was great! Got served and then we went outside by the railway where we got tipsy and made trains honk their horns as they rode past (childish but fun). Again even the outside area they have added props to the garden like old signs, signalling towers etc.

We went inside and noticed there was another carriage with seats in it and a piano. The bar man told us to feel free and look around so we did. Now I love playing rock n roll on Piano so naturally had to test this small grand looking piano out. Slightly broken but was great to chill out in there and have a tinkle.

We went into the main bar area where again there was another Piano. Bar man encouraged me to play So I played a few rock n roll numbers. Not a bad piano!

We decided to test out their restaurant. The restaurant is in another train carriage and the seating areas are great as there personal and are enclosed .You have your own small lantern and looks out to the field. The food was great, average price of £15 per meal, however personally I didnt mind paying that as was a great experience just dining there.

Once we had finished our meals we got our drinks and headed outside again and sat on one of the many seats that looked out onto the beautiful field and railway line opposite. As we sat and chatted we also witnessed a gorgeous sunset here.

We then went off to sleep in our carriage. The following morning again woke up to great weather and made our way to the breakfast area for 8:30am. Breakfast was laid out for us. Guy came and gave us tea. There was more than enough to choose from breakfast wise.

The overall experience of this place was superb. There were only 2 points that I would change / mention:

1) Water in this place aint the best tasting. We had tea in our room and water was very chemically tasting. We ran the tap for a long time several times and even then it tasted the same. We even ordered water from the bar and used that, but again the same. If you like tea in your room, I would recommend you bring your own bottled water here. If honest this could just be due to the filtering of the water, which I dont look down on at all since this place is in the middle of a giant field in a converted train carriage.

2) WIFI has terrible signal. Tried it in rooms, outside and even in restaurant. All we wanted to do was post lots of pics of how cool this place was on Facebook and make everyone at home jealous lol

Deffo recommend it here. Come here if open minded and fancy a unique experience. We paid £49 for the room. This was such value for money, and would love to stay here again.

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