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Just Hiked up Englands Tallest Mountain for me Bday!


This was mine n Frostys last of the 3 peak challenge. Staying on a pub carpark, surrounded by mountains, got a soggy foot helping Ang in the rapids, walked on the summit made of balanced rocks, heard mountain scary winds at 2am, oh and tested me pee bottle out for the first time 😉 (read more)

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Treasure Island in a cliff theater, St Ives n King Arthur!

digSo we’ve just come back from Cornwal where we saw a superb sunset, watched Treasure Island at the famous Minack Theater, had clotted cream on Icecream at St Ives, saw the last Inn in England, oh and saw many caves where Merlin the Wizard hung out. This was me time down south camping (read more)

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Just stayed in a tent…up in the trees!

sdrYes this looks like a spaceship… however its actually a tent elevated in the trees! This trip involved”Ride a cock horse”, a castle that was a pub, a reindeer pub serving reindeer, being scarecrows at night, red wine and hearing the relaxing pitta patter of rain on your tent without getting wet…oh and having a 180 degrees view over fields from up in our tent! (read more)

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Oktoberfest Review Added

So Me n Bec decided to go on a camping trip abroad to the famous Oktoberfest. We travelled with a company named “Festival Adventures”. We took a couch out of the UK to Germany (ferry of course). We drank Steins of Beer with Germans and South Koreans. We chanted “we will rock you” along with 1oos of others at the HUGE beer tents. I tasted a lot of meat including a  HUGE Hotdog [read more]

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