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Got My Kicks On Route 66!!


It was time to join Route 66 in Texas. We  spray painted Cadillacs, drove threw a ghost town, saw a huge ass meteor crater, got scared by giant Ostriches, got amazed by the Gran Canyon and stayed in a room from the 50s. All this and more in my journey across this cool route! [read more]

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My 30th Bday – Party 1 at the JamHouse

17082013 Jamhouse Brum (85)It was my 30th Birthday and I was fortunate to have 2 different parties. This first party saw some of the Stroudens coming up this end. I was forced to wear Hawaiian props, I enjoyed 2 amazing cakes including a route 66 one and pair of old shoes. We ate amazing food, danced to Hey Jude and Rock N roll. My Mum put on an amazing buffet breakfast for us all. I received presents and a card that had instructions as to what to do with it. Read about it [click here]

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