The White House/Monument/Lincoln Memorial

The White House

Well a visit to Washington D.C wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the White House.

Luckily this was not too far from our street.  We went there around 9am in the morning. On our way you go threw this kinda park area . Now this is where we saw the “strange looking squirrels”.  Now we have saw red squirrels here in the UK, however these were kinda black squirrels.. this was my first picture of this trip..Were these creatures from outta space trying to mimic our squirrels??


After seeing the strange squirrels we then saw the White House. It didn’t look like it did in Independence day however then we realised that there was also a back view so maybe this was gunna be what we see on the movies.  This was the front of the White House.


We went around the back of the White House and there it was.. what we see on all the movies.

The only issue was the barriers / bars in the way that prevented a good picture but hey I guess it has to be secure – on that note there were also many police around.. since cop cars since to change state to state I got Bec to pose for one.


Lance really wanted a pic next to the White House so it had to be done!


The Monument

Whilst here we could also see the monument. Unfortunately it had scaffolding around it as there was an Earthquake a few years back that affected the build of it. It still looked cool thow

We walked threw Ellipse park where the Monument was and then towards the Lincoln Memorial.  We immediately saw the reflective water in front of it.. that was featured on films such as Forest Gump (where Jenny runs threw it to get to Forest – Naughty Girl!)

We got some good reflective shots of the Monument and Memorial here.

The Lincoln Memorial

This was really good. Lincoln was HUGEEEEE. All of his famous quotes were dotted around the walls. We also noticed that someone had put socks that were labelled “pick me up” or something like that.. think its kinda like a Geo Cache thing where you log where they go next or something. We also saw forest gump here which is featured on our youtube video.

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