Washington D.C in general

So Washington D.C feels like a safe area. People are very friendly here, this includes info people, waitresses, bar people and even homeless people.

Getting from Airport to Center

This was pretty easy. Our airport was Washington Dulles. You go to gate 4 by exit. You get a ticket for a flyer bus that is 10 dollars. This takes you to a train station that is on the orange line called West Falls Church. The journey takes 30 minutes on the bus. From here you get on the orange line to McPhearson which is like ten stops away. Cost of this is 3.25 dollars. You are then in the center.

Straight away I saw muscle cars such as challengers and Mustangs. Naturally seeing cool American style signs were great to see.


I had a double hotdog and chips at the Buffalo Billiards Bar. It was like a sports bar. It was really cool. Food here was 10 dollars.  I had a grilled cheese and ham sandwich – which was basically cheese n ham in fried bread. This was very sickly and cost 12 dollars with an unlimited refill coke – that the waitress kept filling up when it was half full.


If you wish to drink here its best to do it in the weekday as they have happy hours where drinks are like 4 dollars for draught beer.  On a Saturday they don’t tend to have happy hours meaning you will be paying around 7 dollars for a draught pint.  Bec had wine which was around 9 dollars for a large one.  Lance had a drink too.  On the Saturday we went to a place called club 9 which was a 2 story pub. We met a couple there who were really cool there. They were called Dan and Michael. The drinks here were buy one get one free so a round was 15 dollars. . . so not bad really. We also went to a bar featuring 250 Tequilas and a scorpion in a bottle. . . so cool . This is where we met Judd, Kate Chris.

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