Wellington – Lord Of The Rings Tour

So we had a camper van and we headed from Napia to Wellington.

The weather here was shite. It was rainy and windy!

Now the main reason we came to Wellington w

as to do the Lord Of The Rings Tour. There were many operators to choose from so this is who we went with:

Tour Operator: Movie Tours

Cost: $85pp

Duration: half a day

We were picked up outside the I-Site in the center. We were greeted by our tour guide girl who then got all 6 of us in the van. The van was so cool as it featured a 22 inch flat screen and surround sound. The tour guide proceeded on with the journey to our first stop which was Helms Deep. She would tell us about the filming and then play the scene on the TV. That van had a great sound system!


We arrived at the Dry Creek Quarry. Its a huge Quarry off the side of a main road. She explained how they had to build all around it however local residents hadnt got a clue what film it was for at first. It took one guy 3 weeks to just build the stairs featured in one scene.  Once all the props had been ripped down they then used the same place to build another castle featured in the 3rd Lord Of The Rings. It was cool as she had a book of photos showing what it looked like in the film (shown below)

Next stop was the scene where Gandalf and  Saruman walked threw a forest to chat…it was literally just a park field. The scene where Gandalf rode his horse to the castle was also filmed here. They had to lay down a fake path and then replant grass over it (you can still see the outline of the old and new grass where the path was. This place was also used to put a fake tree on where the Orks are pulling trees down for battle. They actually used the same tree 3 times in this scene.

Me N Bec had a picture taken with wooden sticks like the 2 wizards 🙂



Next stop was where Aragon lay after battle where the horse wakes him up. This was litereally at the back of some houses by a river. It was weird to see


Then we went onto Rivendell where we ate subway lunch. We were shown into the forest where they had to dig up all the plants to make way for all the props. The plants were placed in a greenhouse behind the forest and then planted after the filming had been done. You cant really see Rivendell at all as theres just forest there now, however it was a very small area that they used to film in. They offered a chance to dress up as Legaless …I had the wig, ears and cape. I looked like a right fool, however with my bow i felt rather superior.

This was the end of our tour. It was a great tour. We could have done the full day tour that took you to the Weta workshop however we had to leave here and didnt wana drive in the dark n rain so we opted out of that.

Deffo worth the tour and money paid. The only issue is that obviously theres no props there anymore so your kinda just looking at scenery n parks, so it helps to have pictures and imagination!


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