Zipworld – Velocity

Month/Year: May 2016
Weather: Cloudy and windy 
Cost per person:£60


So it was Bobs Birthday and he wanted to do a good zipline. Now we had done one called Titan at another place in Wales where you got to zipline over a lake and quarry sitting down, however it was now time for the step up from that…and that was to take on Velocity – Europe’s FASTEST Zipline, oh and your lying down!!!

So we were booked in for a morning slot so got up early and Bob drove us the 2.5 hours there.  He had also recently been to India so had bought us all glasses that we just had to have a pic with!


We got there and we waited for our instructor. Whilst doing this we could see the zipline near to where we had to wait. When the people went past you on the zipline it sounded like a jet engine.. so weird.

We were given body suits and harneeses…however I didn’t really pay attention to how I was putting it on and then noticed I had put it on back to front…as you can tell in this pic



They then weighed us all. I was 77kg, Frosty was 71kg and Bob was 101kg.


We were then led up to the smaller Zipline.. that went over a small forest area. They were releasing people in twos…so me and Bob went first. They got us to stand up and then do a press up on the floor so they could attach us and then we had to let go and dangle there for a minute whilst they tightened all the harnesses up. We were then told to put our arms back and grab onto the straps and straighten our legs out against this bar thing that was attached at the back. Basically we were now in a bullet type shape ready to swoop.


They then say 3,2,1 and then release you and you go shooting down the wire. The mini was a great way to get you used to how it generally feels. It was actually quite fast the small one. We were then told to put our arms out when we went past the wind breaker to help slow us down…we would then grab someone’s hand at the end who would pull us in. We waited for Frosty to come down then when our group had finished that was time to head for the big one.

We had to all jump on the back of this 4×4 lorry thing and then it took us up into the slate mountain. It was a bumpy ride but the views were cool

Now as we were going up we saw in the distance something rather scary…someone had got stuck half way! They were dangling on the zipline over the water!! Everyone at this time panicked. apparently it’s because if you do not grab the person’s hand / stick wat the end you automatically go backwards and that’s what happened with him.


So nerves at the ready we were at the top and due to the one person getting stuck, the one line was now unoperational.. Meaning they were only sending one down at a time rather than 2. Now This meant we all had to wait alot longer…now if that wasnt bad enough, the lady then came into the waiting hut and said due to the winds getting to fast, people were ziplining way to fast which meant the people were finding it hard to catch you so they said anyone over 100kg weren’t allowed to go down it.. meaning BOB. Bob and this other couple were sent down in the truck (gutted especially since it was his bday outing) but they got full refunds!


Me and frosty then got harnesses up.. and when your on the platform you can see how friggin high it is.. and boy was it high. I was starting to shit meself. We got attached on, and since the wind was still picking up speeds, were had to have parachutes tied onto us. Now in position like a bullet..they said 3,2,1 and clunk.. down we went.

Now the first bit dont feel that bad as the ground isn’t that far away from you..however then you pick up speed so quickly and you shoot over the edge and then you see the lake beneath you and boy are you high up!! The feeling was amazing. I loved it. You do slow down when your across the lake but wow when you first initially go over the cliff that feeling is amazing..As we approached the end rather than grabbing someones hand we had to grab a stick with a hook on the end. I nearly pulled my guy over as I shot backwards. But then safety clunked in you are told you can let go of the stick n relax whilst they unclipped you.,

This experience was great fun and would deffo do this again. It was a shame about Bob not being able to do it, but atleast he got to do the smaller one and had a full refund. I would love to do this as you get to see what its like to fly like a bird, and the speeds are around 80mph so quick! Great fun – oh and you got a free video of it !


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